New Health Benefits Associated with Hempseed Oil

This article is majorly focused on the health benefits of Hemp, which is also a derivative of marijuana. For millennia, this product has been used in various industries such as textiles, food and medicine (McNamee, 2014). Unfortunately, this product was banned in North America back in 1930s when other similar cannabis varieties were illegalized. This happened due to the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their content. This compound is the one responsible for inducing the “high” feeling in users. After conducting research on hempseed oil, researchers noted that this product could potentially improve good health due to the presence of linolenic acids, sterols and aliphatic alcohols (McNamee, 2014). Therefore, it can present coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attack, and also prevent cancer.

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This article relates to the course in that Biology studies various plant species, and tries to analyze the content to note their effects and whether or not they are suitable for human consumption and use. The Biology covering plants is what has enabled researchers to learn so much. Not only about medicinal plants, but also about other spices used in homes.

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As the article suggests, one of the linolenic acids present in this hempseed oil has been noted to be an omega-3 fatty acid. Biology is a course that deeply discusses fatty acids and their importance in the human body. An omega-3 fatty acid is a kind of healthy fat present in the bloodstream, that plays a major role in dissolve some of the unhealthy body fat. Therefore, with a lower amount of these unhealthy fat, the individual is not prone to some of the most common heart diseases (Ellsworth, Clark, Gray & Johnson, 2013). Sterols, on the other hand, are basically steroid alcohol. These are usually used in lowering cholesterol levels in the body, thus the individual is not prone to heart attack due to the presence of a big layer on the heart. The aliphatic alcohols, also contained in hempseed oil is a product that is well known to lower cholesterol and play a role in reducing the aggregation of platelets.

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This course, therefore, provides basic knowledge which enable students to understand deeply the issue in the article. For instance, fatty acids are present in various types, and can be contained in varying things. However, due to that knowledge that it can be contained in seeds as well and the information on its functions in the human body, students can see why this article is of great importance.

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This article caught my attention mainly because presently, human beings are suffering from various medical conditions in a higher degree than what was present in the past (Ellsworth, Clark, Gray & Johnson, 2013). This means that measures need to be taken to ensure the rise does not remain constant, but that it can be minimized. The potential of the hempseed oil in improving human health is critical. The scientific knowledge about this topic affects me directly in that I now know the types of food that I should be consuming to maintain and improve my health in a low risk zone.

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Judging by the importance of this issue, the private sector should be given the responsibility of researching further on this topic. It contains proof that this could be the change the health sector needs. Therefore, it should be handled in the shortest time possible with no distractions.

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