New Imperialism Causes In Late Nineteenth Century

What were the causes of the  New Imperialism  of the late nineteenth century?  What were some of the arguments to justify this imperialism?  What were the results or consequences of this imperialism?  Look at both Africa and Asia.

Discuss the changing roles of women in the 19th century.  How had the industrial revolution changed the lives of the lower, middle, and upper classes?  Why did women begin to fight for political and civic equality in the 19th century? What tactics did they use, and how successful were they?

How did the developments of the 19th century lead to the intellectual atmosphere of the 20th?  Make sure to examine the impact of industrialization and imperialism on society, and show how those impacted the development of science, art, and culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Choose one of the questions to answer.  Your answer should be in the form of a five-paragraph essay, with an introduction and a conclusion, and between two and five paragraphs that address the parts of the question.  Your answer should be between one and three pages in length.  Style and mechanics will be graded, as well as content.  Your essay will be worth 30 points on your test grade.



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