Oklahoma City bombing, April 1995

The Oklahoma bombing took place on the P. Murrah federal building where a bomb was detonated from a track. Many people in the hundreds were injured while 168 were confirmed dead from the bombing. The person who carried out the bombing was Timothy McVeigh who was a militant against the government (Senie, 2013). The bombing was one of the worst historic terrorist attacks on the United States soil. Terry Nichols compared with McVeigh to bomb the building. A truck was driven to the building, and the bomb on the truck detonated. The north part of the federal building was destroyed in the when the bomb went off. Rescue efforts were heightened and the emergency operators locally together with those internationally were involved in the search and rescue efforts. The federal emergency management agency greatly participated in the rescue efforts and especially provided more manpower to help in the rescue efforts. McVeigh was arrested after a state trooper noticed he was driving a car without a number place. He was also taken in for possessing illegal weapons.

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Nichols together with Michael Fortier and his wife were identified as accomplices after the forensic audit was conducted. Nichols and McVeigh, who wanted to conspire against the government, prepared the bomb. The main events that led him to hate the government and carry out the heinous act were ruby ridge incident of 1992 and the government’s management of the Waco siege. Nichols was given a life sentence while McVeigh was sentenced to death and was given a lethal injection at the end. The aftermath of the bombing led to the enactment of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 and another law that was to increase protection concerning federal buildings. The Oklahoma City National Memorial was set up to commemorate the people who succumbed and were injured in the bombing.

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