Boston Marathon Bombings, April 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing happened and was carried out in Boston in the city center where the track of the marathon was and where people were crowded cheering the marathoners. The bombings happened on Boylston Street where the race was taking place, and the first runner had completed the race. The bombings were carried out by two brothers where were of Chechen origin.  The two brothers came in carrying backpacks which actual had the pressure cooker bombs and eventually detonated the bombs while at the same time staying there even after the bombs had gone off (Bodden, 2014). Two pressure cooker bombs were used in the bombings and the time interval of the bombings was 12 seconds with a distance of 192 m apart. The aftermath of the bombing resulted in 264 injured people and were three succumbed to their injuries.

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The two brothers engaged police in a gunfight where one of the brothers was shot while the other brother ran over him causing his death. Investigations were conducted, and a manhunt for the suspected terrorist started in the Boston area. The surviving brother was found behind a house of a Boston resident where he was short and immobilized. He gave evidence on how they bombing had been carried out in that they were not linked to any terrorist group but were radicalized online through the internet teaching of extremist fundamentalist groups. In essence, they were self-radicalized. The terrorists learn to make the pressure cooker bombs from the al-Qaida magazine, which they used eventually in the bombings. Tsarnaev was the main suspect since the other had been killed and he gave his testimony on how the killings had been conducted.

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