One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

Looking at the video it is clear that Israel nation faces imminent threat from Hezbollah fighters. The creation and history of Hezbollah shows that the organization was formed to fight for the rights of Islamic people who were displaced by the Israel(Ganor, 2010). Another objective of the organization was to introduce Iranian Islamic law in Lebanon. The Hezbollah group perpetrate the acts of terrorist with the objective of driving out Israel in the occupied land. The organization is one of the Islamic groups that do not recognize Israel as the state and should be wiped out from the world map.

The term “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” applies to the Hezbollah in the sense that the group believes that the only way to fight against occupation is through terrorism acts. From the movie, it is clear that Hezbollah uses terrorism acts to liberate Palestine from Israel occupation. Although the concept is perceived by many scholars as theoretical concept. However, Arab nationals have on several occasion come to agreement during their summit to say that it is justifiable for individuals and terrorist groups to use all means including carrying out terrorism acts to fight against occupation or oppression(Ganor, 2010). From the video, Hezbollah receives financial support and military aid from Iran and Syria. These two countries have clearly stated that they do not support any terrorist groups. This means that they perceive the acts committed by Hezbollah group as not terrorism acts because they are fighting to liberate Palestine and deter Israel from occupying Islamic land.

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