Organizational Diagnostic Model : Google

Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence Model for Organization Analysis (1980)

To carry out an effective organizational diagnosis analysis for a complex company the size of Google, which is on the leading edge of innovation in the 21st Century, a comprehensive model for diagnosing the organization would be best suited. An organizational diagnostic model that carries out a diagnosis by addressing the inputs, design and output components throughout  the three levels of organizational level, group level, and individual level. These levels and components make it possible to identify reliable data that leads to a better understanding of a company’s deficiencies, strengths, and improvement opportunities. For Google, a company that employs adaptive management in the way it runs its affairs, fit or congruence; the degree to which the structures, objectives, goals, demands, and needs of one component are harmonious with the structures, objectives, goals, demands and needs of another component (Falletta, 2013), is crucial.

On this basis, the Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence Model for Organization Analysis proves to be the best-suited organizational diagnostic model. This is because, besides being in harmony with the open systems theory, it specifies inputs, throughputs, and outs, and includes both informal and formal systems making it one of the more comprehensive diagnostic models(Falletta, 2013).This organizational diagnostic model explicitly acknowledges that change is always possible and that it occurs since organizations are dynamic entities and provides for the fact that organizational behavior takes place at the systems level, the group level, and the individual level. It also explicitly recognizes that organizations are open social systems within a larger environment and that there are interactions taking place between the three levels of organizational behavior: systems level, group level, and individual level.

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