Origins of Anti-Mexican Sentiment According to Raymundo Paredes

The Origins of Anti-Mexican Sentiment started with the relationship between the Mexicans and Anglo-Americans during the 19th century when there was an inevitable collision because of the cultural variations. The Mexican government welcomed Anglo Americans to colonize Texas territory. The idea behind this colonization was to amplify the manifestation of their rule and train the locals on the guidelines of democracy. They aimed to conquer the whole of North America from West to West. Anglo-Americans arrived in Texas in the 1820s. The large portion of lands in this region was occupied mainly by Tejano’s, who were regarded as the native Texans. Raymundo Paredes defines the native Texans as people born with Spanish blood, actively getting engaged in social issues, and they were justly recognized by all (PBS NewsHour, 2019).

            The issues surrounding cultural differences emerged, and there was a conflict between the Americans and the locals. The Americans resolved to the idea that the Spaniards had hidden agendas and corruption. Due to hidden agendas in their presence in the Catholic church triggered cultural clashes. This was the time when the word Anti-Catholic Sentiments, also known as Hispanophobia, started. The English settlements in America caused grudges that have lasted for more than 50 years. Consequentially, the resentment led to a rebellion, commonly referred to as Protestant Reformation, led by Martin Luther King Jr in 1517. During this time, most churches separated. Propaganda started were a massive denouncement of the mass as blasphemous demonstrated that the clergy were being involved in superstition. The clergy was also thought to be ignorant, and at one point, the propagandists asserted that Pope was an atheist since they believed that the Roman Church was a threat that had the potential to overthrow the government. Bartolome de Las Casas published “The Spanish Colonie” in 1583. The newspaper was released in England, where it addressed the brutality the Spaniards were going through, more so via the destruction of native Americans. After a decade, the huge deflation of people led to Black Legend’s emergence, which was a common language during the ten years. This was also when the Puritans existed and served as guardians to protest against the colonization of Spaniards in the Northern territory of America.

            Raymundo Paredes explains that the Native Americans referred to Spaniard’s arrival like cruel tigers, lions, and wolves enraged with a tedious and sharp hunger (Live from the Rez Podcast, 2020). This painted Spain a picture of the bestial and ignorant that colonized the Americans without a second consideration. This image of colonizing Spain is taught even in the modern days, where people are taught that the indigenous Americans were known as “quiet lambs” blessed with qualities prior to the arrival and destruction of this peace. This was the start of the stereotypes and how the sentiments were spread throughout the continents.            

The Spanish people always painted the Mexicans in a negative light. Their intention to come to Mexico was to colonize the territory. Within the short period of their arrival, they started referring to locals in Mexico as “violent” every time they engaged in a fight. Moreover, due to the differences in their cultures, Spaniards began stereotypes that the Mexican locals are “lazy, ” thieving,” and “superstitious.” These stereotypes were spread throughout the American boundaries. Since most Americans were not familiar with the locals from Mexico, many of them took the Spaniards’ words without necessarily making their judgment. The Published propaganda accelerated the spread of the sentiments to the greatest extent via the Spaniards’ self-criticisms. This looks like the best concept towards the start of Anglo-Americans’ pervasive sentiments directed to the Hispanic and Mexican culture and thought. According to Raymundo Paredes, this led to significant Anti-Mexican Sentiments in the United States of America.

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