Packaging That Reflects Organization’s Goals, Ethics, Values – Presentation

Your client wants a few ideas on how to capture the customer’s attention. Prepare a presentation for your client that represents packaging that reflects the organization’s goals, ethics, and values.

Your presentation will include the following:

Slide 1: Provide a brief description of the product’s current packaging (include a photo of the product).

Slide 2: Provide an analysis of the current packaging’s limitations. Limitations can include no logo or confused branding by not stating the features and possible benefits of the product.

Slide 3: Provide an analysis of how a new packaging scheme can help to engage shoppers and communicate the key messages of the brand. Detail out 3 specific sections of the new packaging to show brand communication and shopper engagement.

Slides 4, 5, and 6: Sketch out 3 new packaging options for the brand. Explain the following possibilities and how your new options will engage the customer:

  • A possible new color scheme
  • Shape
  • Packaging materials
  • A graphic element that appeals to the customer target and market

Slide 7: Provide an explanation of how the new packaging is more compelling than the previous packaging, communicates the company’s values, and captures the customer’s attention. Show the connection to the customer with the product’s features and benefits.

Slide 8: Suggest a possible point-of-purchase display that promotes the product’s new packaging for the customer. Add the following to this slide:

  • A sketch or photo of a POP display
  • Where would you place this POP display in the store?
  • What promotional strategy can be used with the POP to create customer engagement and interaction?

Slide 9/10: Conclusion. Your conclusion sums up the key points of your presentation and leaves your client with some final thoughts on why packaging and POP promotions are important to increase brand visibility. Explain why this is the best packaging and promotion strategy at this time for your client and how it makes the product POP from the competition.

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