Parents should Lead by Example – Persuasive Essay

Parents should adopt a paradigm shift in their parenting approach and strive to always lead by example.

Parenting Persuasive Essay

The seemingly mundane act of parenting within a contemporary setting is generally regarded as one of the most complex jobs around. Modern parents now contend with a rapidly evolving society requiring them to tweak their approach to parenting in order to achieve set objectives. Structured parenting is a significant part of a child’s life since it introduces a wide array of expectations and sets boundaries currently associated with future success. Although parenting may appear simple and straightforward, parents still contend with numerous challenges which further complicate the process while making parenting a mammoth undertaking.  This is a stark reality that many parents remain oblivious to prior to beginning the arduous task of parenting, especially in an age awash with technological innovations and developments. Effective parenting is an important leadership function within society. It is through this process that ethics and values are imparted onto children and later passed on to successive generations. Thus, parents should adopt a paradigm shift in their parenting approach and strive to always lead by example.

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            Parenting through leadership is fundamental as a way of instilling accepted norms and patterns of behavior for posterity. This is particularly significant during early childhood when children are highly impressionable and receptive to instructions.  Typically, children view parents as role models during this particular period and rarely question their actions.  They regard their parent’s behavior as an ideal representation of accepted demeanor which is primarily why they strive to copy and replicate what they observe. Parents should, therefore, take this opportunity to fine-tune their parenting approach owing to the significance of their role in a child’s life. They should begin by demonstrating acceptable behavior and expecting children to replicate the same. For instance, children can be taught the value of honesty, transparency, and accountability by always honoring ones word. A parent who promises to take a child on a trip to Disney World and ultimately fulfills this promise demonstrates the importance of always being dependable in society. Leading by example, thus, allows children to adopt such mannerism and strive for excellence.

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            Parents play an important role in influencing children’s reaction to challenges bound to be faced in life. Life is rife with problems which may emerge at any given moment catching many by surprise. One may experience challenges in marriage, make honest mistakes at work, or face adversities such as death which have been known to break individual’s spirits. However, it is how one responds to the aforementioned situations that sets the tone for responses which may be adopted by children in future. A parent who chooses to speak to their spouse in a low soft voice during a disagreement and opts for family counseling to save their marriage sets a good example for their children. A 2017 cohort study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that children raised in a loving environment consisting of both biological parents rarely presented adverse behavioral issues compared to their counterparts raised in a high-conflict setting with or without both parents (Sendall, 2018).

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The latter were also highly likely to continue with this particular cycle in future and twice as likely to end in divorce. Similarly, parents who own up to their mistakes set an enviable example on the importance of taking responsibility regardless of the situation. Children raised within such environments are likely to adopt the same perspective and outlook in life whenever confronted with a similar scenario. Demonstrating the value of self-control and tolerance in the face of frustration is also valuable in teaching children the value of remaining grounded through emotional stability. A parent who drowns a bottle of Bourbon whiskey and one who prays after experiencing adversity both provide examples to their children on how to deal with frustrations in life. Parents should, therefore, remain cognizant of this reality and strive to set enviable examples for their children to emulate.

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            Parenting should also involve setting boundaries and engaging in productive hobbies which will ultimately impact children’s lives positively. This is primarily due to the fact that negative hobbies such as addiction to video games and binge watching television programs are learned habits picked up from influential figures around a child. The only sure way of guaranteeing the adoption of positive hobbies such as hiking, exercising, volunteering in a homeless shelter or reading is to lead by example. In particular, parents should acknowledge impact of technological advancements in a child’s life and strive to introduce a healthy balance. They should, therefore, set clear limits on the use of technological gadgets within the household to avoid a scenario where they are used as a form of distraction to pass time. Clinical psychologists such as Dr. Brent Conrad caution parents against overreliance on modern conveniences since 65% of children below eight years of age demonstrate a clear pattern of addiction to entertainment gadgets (Dr. Brent Conrad, 2017). Parenting requires nurturing a proclivity for positive behaviors through able leadership within a given household.      

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In conclusion, parenting is one of the most important social roles bequeathed upon specific individuals in society. Parenting through leadership is particularly essential in instilling accepted patterns of behavior, influencing children’s reaction to life’s challenges, and setting boundaries in order to foster productive hobbies. Thus, parents should lead by example and strive for the adoption of behaviors bound to promote personal development in the near future.

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