Parts Of Cells That Provide Structure, Support, And Movement

Which parts of cells provide structure, support, and movement? Provide details for a structure that provides structure, one that provides support, and another that provides movement.

The cytoskeleton is vital to a cell as it provides it with its shape together with the much needed internal organization that will eventually enable it to carry out essential functions. In eukaryotic cells, it consists of a filamentous protein that is meant to hold the cytoplasmic constituents in place.  The intermediate filaments found in cells are rope-like structures whose primary purpose is to provide mechanical support. They work together with the microtubules that in turn support tubulin structures that are otherwise fragile (Black & Black, 2008, p. 12). Cytoskeletal filaments are responsible for movement in the cells through cellular extensions such as cilia and flagella. There is an instance where the microtubules might permanently slide over each other or use cytokinesis that would subsequently create a state of motion and enable the cells to move freely.

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