Performance Appraisal – Appraising The Secretaries At Sweetwater State University

Do you think that the experts ‘recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly? Why? Why not? What additional actions (if any) do you think will be necessary?

The university has long used forms that link the performance of secretaries to the salary and administrators have learned from the past not to repeat mistakes such as contributing to the already low salaries by rating them. The dilemma arises since the administrators fear secretaries leaving their jobs for greener pastures should they rate them poorly. The recommendations by the experts better place the administrators in a position to administer the forms to the secretaries without averse repercussions from the secretaries when some leave their jobs. The forms will not be linked to the salaries of the secretaries.  Therefore, the administrators will provide a more vivid and clear picture that will lead to the improvement of the performance of the secretaries and the overall efficiency of their operations (Tapamoy, 2008).

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The administrators should consider counselling especially for the low performers, and this would mean mentoring the secretaries and helping them to develop their skills at work. Another additional strategy would be to ensure that the people involved are appraised through the various developmental process and motivated towards working harder especially in providing incentives, offs and bonuses among others. Therefore, the company can slowly introduce a culture that will make the employees self-examine themselves especially according to their work and the quality they produce.

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The company can, therefore, come up with a culture that will ensure that the secretaries self-examine themselves especially based on their work output, which will determine whether they will be rewarded, or not according to their work. The secretaries’ salaries will not be affected by disproportionately increasing the pay will affect the attitude of workers towards their jobs and their demotivation (Waseem, 2012). Using the forms should be stopped at all costs or even rating half employees as excellent or good will not help matters since according to the experts there are individual who may be excellent and as such being rated as mediocre may affect their performance negatively and may eventually make some of them opt out to other lucrative offerings.

    Do you think that Vice President Winchester would be better off dropping graphic rating forms, substituting instead one of the other techniques we discussed in this chapter, such as a ranking method? Why?

It will be better for him to drop the rating forms and use the advice from the experts who have had more experience in the company and them being experts shows that they have given counsel thoughtfully. The graphing rating forms are thus an issue that the vice president should consider removing to benefit the work processes in the organization. The drop will prevent disruptions in the functions of workers and the waste of time by secretaries protesting and some eventually leaving the company for good (Tapamoy, 2008).

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The vice president should thus consider having the ranking method since it would help develop the workers to have a more sanguine environment for the workers to develop their skills. The workers will not be judged according to their inefficiencies but on how better they can perform and their various areas of interest. As such, the secretaries will not be intimidated in the process that their salaries either will remain the same or lowered. The administration will thus save a lot of money constantly regarding raising the various salaries and wasting time as a result. Dropping off the rating forms will, therefore, prevent the dilemma that the administrators have towards rating the forms and the fear of losing the secretaries. Winchester should, therefore, encourage the method of ranking to ensure competency among the workers and to increase their confidence in achieving more especially through the counselling sessions the appraisal experts have proposed that.

What performance appraisal system would you develop for the secretaries if you were Rob Winchester? Defend your answer.

The first thing will be to look into the past appraisal of the secretaries and not how they have been working all alone about their workstations. I will read the job descriptions of the secretaries clearly to ensure that I have the correct gauging for their various responsibilities in the company. I would further review the various responsibilities by the goals set by the administrators of the duties of the secretaries.

The next step will be to measure the various competencies the secretary has especially about the use of computer applications, which are most important to a secretary’s functions. Such computer applications as Microsoft access, Excel PowerPoint and Outlook. I would provide a performance rating on regarding executive, medical and legal assistance. The secretary will thus be tested on his proficiency in performance according to the various issues.

The next step will be to look at the various competencies in communication like written and verbal skills, which are important to the normal functioning of a secretary. Further testing will ensure that one knows how the worker deals with issues especial in solving problems and how he or she handles customers (Falcone &Tan, 2013). The past engagements with the customers will help in determining how well versed the customer has solved issues. Such an examination will provide more information on the character of the secretary regarding how she interacts and her mannerisms towards others in the workplace or even her leadership potentials.

The appraisal system will require that the employees come up with goals that they can meet in the short run and that are achievable. Those who do not do well on the appraisal tests will be taken through a process of mentorship where they will be given more time to develop their skills and to improve their performance.

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