Performance Management Process, Talent Pools, Talent Review Process and Talent Management

Assignment 5: Sustainable Talent Management

For this paper

  • Determine which performance management process you will employ to measure employee talent. Performance management processes include Balanced Scorecard, management by objectives, OKR (Objectives and Key Results), Continuous Feedback and Performance Appraisals.
  • Analyze the key concepts related to the talent pools and the talent review process. A talent pool is like a well-curated reservoir of potential job candidates, waiting to dive into your organization’s talent needs. On the other hand, A talent review process is a structured approach used by organizations to assess and evaluate their employees’ skills, potential, and performance.

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  • Develop appropriate talent management objectives to measure functional expertise.
  • Assess the key elements of global talent management as they apply to your organization.
  • Recommend a process that optimizes a sustainable talent management process.

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The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Determine the effects of leadership in the management of talent pools and the talent review process. Compare and contrast the talent assessment and employee performance management processes. Review the process of developing functional expertise and setting and measuring talent management objectives. Discover how the management process affects global talent management. Determine the organizational benefits of strategy-driven talent management and building a sustainable process. Use technology and information resources to research issues in talent management. Write clearly and concisely about talent management using proper writing mechanics.

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