Phylum Arthropoda – Research Paper

Phylum Arthropoda is the most copious phylum of all living organisms in number of species and individuals (Whittington, 1979). One, very conventional, approximation is that there are well more than one million species of insects alone. In terms of individual number, there are extra kinds of beetles than anything else. However, between forty and fifty percent of the insects are beetles. Altogether, in all plants and animal together, insects have more species.

phylum arthropoda
Phylum Arthropoda

It is without doubt that insects are the most plentiful and most varied group of organisms on earth. They have retained a place of ecological supremacy for more than four hundred years. They have been bystander of the rise and the fall of dinosaurs, endured the four most important cataclysms that resulted in planet-wide exterminations. Additionally insects have continued to flourish despite best efforts of their eradication by the mankind. Although no solitary ecological or physiological characteristic can account for this supreme success, the insects do have a sole mixture of uniqueness which, as a whole, has provided them with an extraordinary continued existence benefit. In short, these characteristics are an exoskeleton, diminutive body size, the aptitude to fly, an elevated reproductive probable, comprehensive metamorphosis, and adaptableness in an ever-changing surroundings.

The reason why we don’t see giant insects today is because they declined due to the evolution of birds. This was due to change of the atmosphere. Another reason is that the level of oxygen declined and the insect rely on air flow as they don’t have lungs. This resulted to insects to undergo evolution so that they have a small size to solve the issue of oxygen level.

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