POL110 – Member of Congress Charged With Ethics Violations – Charles Rangel

POl110 US Government – Congressional Ethics

Charles Rangel, a veteran from New York accused of 13 violations of congressional ethics standards, which has significantly affected his political career. This violation of standard congressional principles raised worries from fellow Democrats. The accusations comprise of use of congressional stationery and staff to increase money for a college named after him in New York, use of a funded Ney York apartment as a campaign office rather than as his dwelling. Also, Rangel was accused of failure to report large sums of money from his disclosure statements and rental income from vacation property, and misuse of congressional free mail privilege.   However, Rangel denied the charges and declared he was ready to prove to the courts that the only thing he has done for 50 years was public service. Also, the case of Rangel brought a lot of division between the Republican and the Democrats; the Republican said that it was too late for the plea panel to review the case.  The Democrats urged angel to settle the case to shun the panorama of televised hearings before the November congressional elections, which were to decide on the party that will control the Congress.

As a consequence, the verdict can involve a vote to expel him from the Congress, a written report that criticizes his behavior, and a show of disapproval from the Congress. I agree with the verdict because every wrong committed deserves to be punished and the wrongdoer must suffer the consequences of his/her wrong doings (Newman, 2010). Therefore, the penalties and the verdicts concerning the case OF Rangel impact my trust towards the Congress positively as it depicts that the Congress can punish wrongdoers.

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