Police Corruption – Resource Research and Review


The research topic is police corruption. This entails a form of misconduct that is done by the law enforcers or the police who are supposed to protect and not to abuse their powers. It can involve a single police or a number of them can conspire to partake in corruption. The corruption can be as a result of taking bribes, flouting, selective enforcement, and other forms. This study analyses four research studies that introduces the research project.

Punch, M. (2013). Police corruption: exploring police deviance and crime. Routledge.

This book argues that the police system and corruption is inseparable. Corruption is referred to as numerous issues that cover divergent and criminal practices in policing that shifts over a period of time. The book is more on institutional failure as compared to individual failure. However, the book concludes by offering reforms in the police sector in UK, USA and Netherlands.

Gounev, P., & Ruggiero, V. (2012).Corruption and organized crime in Europe: illegal partnerships. Routledge.

This book analysesthree key areas that investigates on the association between organized crime and corruption. The three main areas include criminal markets, public bodies, and the private sector in Europe. It covers topics such as disappearance of victims, corruption and the criminal marketplace, the politics of crime in Greece, corruption and organized crime in flux in Bulgaria and other topic that are useful for this study.

The most distinctive reason why the book is selected as a top referral in criminology is the experience that the authors have in this topic. It is written by international experts and it also touches a number of countries such as France, Italy, Bulgaria, UK, Spain, Russia, and Greece. So the analysis is not only rich in content but it represents a true and fair view of the subject in different countries.

Walker, S., & Katz, C. M. (2012).Police in America.McGraw-Hill.

This study provides a complete introduction to the basics of policing in the US. It offers an up-to-date and balanced overview of the police and their main work in safeguarding and securing the nation and its citizens. It also talks about the challenges they encounter in a quest to perform their duties. Also, the book explore on the innovations that have been existing in policing and the entire justice system.

The best thing about using this book is that it offers well-timed articles and excerpts. It also provides statistics that assists in presenting a comprehensive and contemporary overview of the real meaning of being a police officer in America. The use of statistical data ensures that the data given is not only accurate but represent the real issues on the ground. Further, the book provides headlines on recent and past issues that have brought controversy in the past and how they were solved.

Mattes, R. (2016). Good news and bad: public perceptions of crime, corruption and government. South African Crime Quarterly, (18).

The article provides an objective analysis of crime and police and the efforts that the government is placing to ensure that crime is reduced.  The analysis is based on anassessment of Afrobarometer and Idasasurveys that were conducted in South Africa. The performance of the police is seen to improve over a period of time. Also, more than half of the citizens in South Africa believe that the police are involved in corruption cases that make it problematic to get assistance freely from the police making them to pay bribes to get help.

This study gives an overview of the police system in Africa. It seeks to balance the early analysis that has a bias in Europe and America. It is interesting to know that the police corruption is globally and most citizens shares same beliefs about the system. The news media and opposition are always at the forefront in ensuring that corruption reduces.


Corruption is a vice that has made numerous citizens to suffer. Worse of it is when it is done by police officers who are supposed to protect the citizens. Corruption is not only about soliciting for bribes but it involves a number of other issues. The issue of police corruption is an impediment to justice. This study has analyzed four articles that are necessary for the research study.

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