Political and Ethical Implications of Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism has had implications on governance this is observed in its support for democracy where government’s interests coincide with the public interest. Mill argument on democracy as the best ideal government is a suggestion that has informed governance and state systems, according to him, representative democracy is best for societies with resources, security and independence as it seeks to promote moral common good of its citizens and because it makes use of resources effectively to develop and promote the common good. As well, in determining what kind of a government is better, consequences are analysed to assess amount of best state of affairs.

Utilitarianism argues that an individual is supposedly the best judge of his own welfare. It has also had implications on economics in policy making where proponents such as Jevons advised the role of government interference in trade and industry. Jevons echoed Bentham ideas by creating the marginal utility a key model in economics today (Mill, 2003).

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