Position Paper – Craft Beer or Regular Beer For A Long Term Strategy

The consumption of regular beer might just be a long term strategy that should be adopted by the brewers since the consumers would not stop taking such alcohol anytime soon. Most of the consumers prefer using the smooth and balanced beers irrespective of whether or not it is their alcohol preference. Additionally, the regular beer will be in the markets for a long period since they offer their customers a lot of diversity when it comes to their alcoholic contents. Similarly, the brewers offer diversity in the smell and complex formulas that they use in manufacturing the drinks. If for instance, the manufacturers of the regular beer can increase their alcoholic contents to between 7 and 9% then chances are high that they will beat their competitors in the market.

One reason as to why there has been an increase in the consumption of regular beer is because of the small number of beer bottles that one can consume at a given time. The alcoholic percentage of the craft beers is so much high as compared to the “water beer” thereby reducing the number of trips made to the loo. Therefore one can easily enjoy their night out without having to make uncountable number of trips to the toilets.

Apart from that, the craft beer has got much more health benefits as compared to the consumption of red wine and other types of alcohol. Research has it that these types of drinks have got contents of vitamin B as well as other soluble fiber. The same research also found that craft beer is rich in antioxidants as well as silicon: a content that is used by the body in countering the osteoporosis.

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