Photorealism Style Movement Vs Feminist Art Style


The art movement describes a tendency of a given style of art that was used by a given set of artist during a certain time period. The art work was used to represent a certain philosophy that the artists believed in or at times it could be used to achieve a given goal of the same artists. The period represented by the art movement could either be in terms of a given range of months or years when theartists did such kind of work. Each of the art movement was considered as an important part of art-garde due to the messages that they passed to the generations that existed during that time.

The two artworks that are used in this case were done during two different style movements to portrayed different messages. The first is the museum portrait that belongs to the photorealism style movement. On the other hand, the second portrait is monalisa which belongs to the feminist art style of movement.

Photorealism style of movement represents a type of art work that was done with a reference to the type of artists whose main artistic work relied on the use of photographs. What the artists did was that they projected the images on the photos onto the canvas allowing for such images to get replicated with a high level of accuracy. Moreover, in order for such artist to achieve a high level of accuracy and exactness, they used other aiding tools such as airbrush that helped in the retouching of the photographs. The idea in this case was basically to create a mix of the reality with that which was not real in order to come up with a better image that represented a duplicate of the original image. The image that was reflected on the canvas could easily be identified and matched to the original photo due to the high degree of accuracy of the artists. However, it must be noted that the artists simply relied on getting such duplicates through looking at photographs rather than drawing from the original image through direct observation (Denis, 2003, p.3). The image represents a thematic feature of its style period since it can clearly be seen that the image has been projected rather than drawn directly from a real image.

The second piece of art just like has been mentioned relates to style movement that primarily focused on creating a gender sensitive society. The basic idea during that time was to establish a dialogue between those who viewed the image and the artwork itself which gave a perspective from a woman’s point of view. During that historical point, the artwork as used to question both the political and the social landscape that existed during that time period. In some instances the photos were used to create incitement against the political leaders with an aim of achieving gender parity. Before feminism came into existence, a majority of the women were denied the chance to take part in gallery and exhibitions simply because they were women (Art story website). The women artists however, played a vital role in changing such perspectives through working out ways in which the woman could be given a chance to showcase her talent in visual art.

The artworks are both similar and different in some perspectives. First of all, they are all used to show the feminine power in terms of artistic work. Moreover, they all represent a given style movement that was used in the past and no longer exists. In a similar fashion, the artists used such images to pass on their messages to the viewers through artistic work.

The differences between the two come in at the point where the messages represented by the two differ sharply from one another. The first image shows the ability of an artist being able to reproduce a replicate of an image without necessarily getting site on the original image. The second image passed a message of harnessing the disparity that existed between the male and female gender during a certain time in history.

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