Service Quality Survey Assessment

Any company that has the desire to excel in terms of the profits that it makes must always learn to listen to their customers at all times. There are normally three types of customers that a company must always learn to listen to, first being the internal customers or the employees of the company. The employees will always perform their duties depending on the quality of the internal structures if the company. If the internal structures of the company are poor then the company can as well expect to get poor services by the employees. On the contrary, if the organization has quality structures laid down, then the employees will also exhibit the same. Secondly, a company must always strive to satisfy the needs of the external customers who keep on coming for more services from the company. Finally, there is the group of the competitor’s customers who are served by the firm’s rivals within the same industry. A competitive firm should try and get such customers so that they cease from going for services from the rival companies. A firm that can work towards such achievement can always be sure of getting marginal returns from their investments.

The survey that has been chosen for this task aimed at finding out how best the business serves its existing customers. The survey gives the customers a chance to evaluate the services and then give a feedback which can then be used to make corrections on the service quality. The survey was designed such that a customer had the chance to tell whether the services were much worse or much better than what they expected to get. Additionally, for those who feel that they get poor services also had a chance to give such feedback.

The survey was important because it functions to help the company in improving the services that it offers to its loyal customers. Additionally, the survey acts as an eye opener to the company so that it is able to know its areas of weaknesses that needs further improvement. Even for those areas that need to get adjustment are also highlighted so that those in authority can continue with the same trend. The survey also captures the inward feeling of the customers towards the physical facilities of the organization. There are times when customers can decide to shy from a given organization due to the dilapidated physical structures. Apart from that, the survey also serves to tell the firm owners on whether they are capable of delivering services to the customers within the required timeframe or not. There are times when the customers might require getting certain services but then the team in charge of that does not offer help within the required time frame thereby leaving the customers disgruntled. For instance, in a company that offers legal services to its customers, the legal team might delay the services due to the procedures laid down by the law firm. In such a case, the client may just decide to use other alternatives that are available to him or her. Generally the survey acts as a way of getting feedback from the customers so that the organization can improve on its business competitiveness against its rival companies.

The customer and on-customer approaches include ensuring that the customer’s success remains mandatory for the company. Customer’s success means that the clients are given exceptional treatment and services that go beyond their expectations. The services should be in such a way that the clients feel that they are a priority to the company. Additionally, it involves driving changes that ensures the company meets both its internal goals and external goals within the industry. If the company realizes one area where it has a weakness then it makes changes in such an area. Similarly, the firm must use an approach where it gives credible and timely services to its customers so that all customers get satisfied with the services.

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