The Pre-Colonial Era Choctaw Tribe

Choctaws are the original inhabitants of the southeastern area of the present-day USA. Especially, they are the original inhabitants of the modern-day Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi (Reeves, 1985; Stahl, 1996). The majority of Choctaws were forced out of their ancestral land into Oklahoma in the 17th century. The remaining Choctaws now live within the present-day Oklahoma. Some of them were not forced out of own ancestral lands since they pretended to be Whites (Stahl, 1996). Others hid to avoid being evicted from the lands forcibly. Descendants of the Choctaws who were not evicted are still found occupying their ancestral lands across Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi (Hoxie & Iverson, 1998; Stahl, 1996).

In the pre-colonial era, the Choctaw tribe had highly structured laws, community services, laws, and policing units. Even presently, the remaining Choctaws have a high regard for the laws, community services, laws, and policing units. Notably, they are as well citizens of USA; thus are bound by the American law. Presently, only elderly Choctaws are fluent in the indigenous Choctaw language, which is markedly rhythmic (Hoxie & Iverson, 1998). The traditional tools of the Choctaws included arrows and bows, which were used in hunting; nets and spears, which were used in fishing; and clubs along with tomahawks, which were used in fighting (Stahl, 1996). Traditionally, Choctaws were fishermen and hunters rather than agriculturists or traders.

The geography and climate of the original Choctaw lands shaped the Choctaw culture in significant ways. The rivers running through the lands allowed for the growth of river canes, which were used in building houses. River canes were as well used in making culturally significant baskets according to Hoxie and Iverson (1998) and Stahl (1996).  The expansive plains in the areas allowed for the establishment of ball fields, where the Choctaw communities held varied cultural sports.

The land’s temperate climate allowed for the fast breeding of wild animals like deer, small game, and wild turkeys. Deer were hunted down for food and skins. The skins were used in weaving the skirts that Choctaw females wore. The folktales told to young Choctaws predominantly revolved around hunting and fishing (Hoxie & Iverson, 1998).

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