The Principles From Bureaucratic, Administrative, And Scientific Management Theories Observed In Modern Times – Factory Work

The Principles From Bureaucratic, Administrative, And Scientific Management Theories Observed In Modern Times – Factory Work. The first example that was observed in the ‘Modern Times’ film regarding the evolution of management is the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt form a masterpiece of choreography of the film whereby the Tramp a factory worker whom he tightened the bolts as they are conveyed by the conveyor belt (Chaplin, 1936). The workers are forced to tighten the bolts at the speed in which the conveyor belt was set to move. The intended function of conveyor belts in the management was to ensure that workforce become efficient and delivers more in the production process. As observed in the film Tramp put more efforts to catch up with the conveyor belt until he become nut himself.

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The second example is the strict working environment in the factory. It was observed that workers operate in very strict environment under tight supervision. This was seen when Tramp tried to chase away the fly that was disturbing him in the line of production. Also, foreman was always there to urge Tramp to resume and keep up with the speed of the conveyor belt at all the time. The observation relates with modern development in the management were the workers are required to remain in their working place until there shift is over (Chaplin, 1936). The fact that the actions of one person in the conveyor belt disrupts the flow of work in the entire production showed that the working was tighter and demand. For instance, when Tramp tries to brushes away a troublesome fly, he disrupted the work down the conveyor belt thus causing tremendous uproar hence forced to frantically rushes to catch up. This explains the modern working environment where workers in the call centers stick to their computers until there shift ends due to the large number of calls received.

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The third example is the existence of hierarchies in the management system in the steelworks factory. At the executive office level a “Big Brother” Allan Garcia served as a manager. He monitors the progress in the production line through two-way TV screen with video transmission and on-line audio (Chaplin, 1936). The “Big Brother” issued orders to the foremen to hurry up production in the factory. Hierarchy followed a specific pattern where the workers received direct command from the foremen and foremen received orders from the manager.

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The fourth example observed in the film was that reward given to Tramp when he unconsciously thwarted jail break. This demonstrated the importance of acknowledging the performance and effort of workers in their delivery of service (Chaplin, 1936). As a result of his courage Tramp was assigned a private jail cell and later freed by sheriff but Tramp was afraid of outside world due to economic difficult and hustles of getting employment. The observation signifies the willingness of the prison management to acknowledge the good work of Tramp and rewarding him with his freedom. In addition, sheriff wrote a good recommendation that helped Tramp to get good job in the shipyard. Another observation that goes in hand with this observation was the impromptu audition of gamin that got the eyes of the owner of Red Moon Café that earn her a job as a café dancer.

The fifth example observed in the film was the incident that make the boss to stack inside a big machine. The incident occurred when his first factory was reopening and was employed as mechanic assistant (Chaplin, 1936). When his boss was caught by the machine he instructed Tramp to get him out of the machine by issuing direction such as ‘Pull that lever’ and ‘Hold it’

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