Problems Encountered When Implementing Human Resource Operating Plan

Human Resource Operating Plan is a strategic management tool that is critical for the management of human resource within in any organization. It defines human resource in entirety in terms of positions, duties, behaviors, skills etc. In the course of developing a Human Resource Operating Plan various problems may be experienced. These problems may include non-compliance by personnel, mobilization problems among others. Personnel may not comply to the requirements of the new operating plan due to one reason or another. This is a possible problem especially when the operating plan seeks to interfere with the normal methods of operation. The plan may seek to maximize production by adding more hours to the normal working hours. Employees are more than likely not to support such a plan. Mobilization problems may come up in regards to financing the process of developing the Human Resource Operating Plan and provision of requisite materials for the same (Victoria, 2008).

During implementation of the Human Resource Operating Plan, lack of skilled personnel to execute the plan may be a problem. Additionally, it may take time for the personnel to adapt to the new systems and methods of operation and this may lower productivity. To solve these problems it is important for the organization to offer training to the personnel or hire experts to help in the implementing the Human Resource Plan. Employees may take time to adapt to the new plan, therefore, it is important to fully engage the employees in the plan formulation process so that they understand the plan and embrace it during implementation. Therefore, the formulation and implementation of a Human Resource Operating Plan not only requires good management but also enough capacity in terms of resources to implement the plan.


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