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The selected issue in this case is the immigration problem that American has been facing for years. The America system of immigration is considered broken, an aspect that is attracting a high rate of illegal immigrants in the country. There are so many people employed in America without documentation, with at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. This is considered bad for the economy and thus Obama government is trying to fix the situation after the senate demonstrated little interest in fixing it.

The government aims at accomplishing these using three critical elements that include cracking illegal immigration down at the border, deporting criminals, and finally by enhancing accountability where criminal background is investigated and taxes are imposed to all individuals working in America. The actions of the president also aim at streamlining the legal process of immigration to enhance American economy and enhancing neutralization of qualified individuals. The four principles presented in this proposal include restructuring legal immigration, cracking down on firms employing illegal immigrants, enhancing earned citizenship and strengthening security at the borders (White House, 2014).

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Public Policy

There are four forms of regulatory policy that can be used to handle any state house issue. They include redistributive policy, protective regulatory policy, competitive regulatory policy, and distribution policy. Distributive policy enhances private activities which are of advantage to the society though they would not normally be assumed by private sector for instance conducting expensive medical research. Competitive regulatory policy involves regulating business competition to ensure health competition in the market for instance radio broadcasting regulation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Protective regulatory policy on the other hand is a public policy which safeguards public by limiting private acts. This policy might be an active policy not just by protecting specific actions but also by demanding some activities to be done during private operations for instance recycling, automobiles inspections of constructing tall smokestacks.

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Finally, the distribution policy seeks to alter the provision of valued services or goods, rights, property, and money between racial groups, social classes or gender. Among the four policies the policy that I would employ to handle the current white house issue is the protective regulatory policy. This policy is chosen because unlike the other three it protects the citizens from being exploited by private sectors and it also pushes the private sectors to provide citizens with some services. The policy helps the government in controlling the behavior of the private sector and that it will be very appropriate in enhancing the application of a number of the governmental efforts to fight illegal immigration (Nrem.Iastate, n.d.).

Illegal immigration is normally encouraged by the easy provision of jobs by private sectors with proper documentation. This is due to the fact that illegal immigrants provide cheap labor to private companies and as a result, they consider ignoring the law by employing them despite not having the documentation. The selected policy will help the government to impose yet another restriction on private employers regarding the qualification of their foreign employees. This will definitely be done with intention of protecting the public from terrorist acts and other crimes executed by illegal immigrants who comes with intention of committing crimes, or smuggling drugs into the country or any other form of crimes. This regulation will also act as a way of discouraging illegal immigrants since they will have no means of survival due to lack of any source of employment without proper documentation. In this regard, the policy will play a great role in enhancing the government measures to fight illegal immigration.

Policy Modification

The two policy modifications that can be employed to enhance positive effects include employment policy modification where the employment of foreign individuals will be strictly supervised by the government. This would ensure that those foreigners employed in the private sectors are well qualified for their jobs, that they have clean criminal record, clean documentation to ensure that they are known by the government and that they are involved in taxation process. The foreigners’ employment policy should also be adjusted to ensure that no employer should work with a foreign employee for more than 18 months before the employee present American citizenship. In this regard, foreign employee will use the work permit for only 18 months and failure to present citizenship document should result to dismissal. This will enhance the government plan of having all immigrants well documented and beneficial to the country. It also will help the government to embrace foreigners with skills that are very beneficial to the American economy.

The two policy modifications that will bring negative impact to the issue include offering employment and citizenship to all immigrant without considering their qualification. The country should set academic and professional standards for those immigrants who will be provided citizenship after 18 months of working at any post in the American company. Otherwise, the country will continue attracting a huge number of semi illiterate and illiterate people in their economy which may distort the future of the country in terms of development. The second modification that may attract negative impact include allowing private companies to continue seeking for cheap labor and employing less qualified individuals. Normally, those who migrate in our country do not have proper documentation since most of them cannot manage to obtain work permit for lack of proper qualification. In this regard, the best way to discourage more illegal immigrant is by supervising our private companies to see that they are employing qualified personnel. Permit them to continue employing illiterate or semi-qualified individuals for cheap labor will destroy the quality American produced product and this may be very costly to the American economy.

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The Constitution

One way the American government is in control of immigration issue is through Foreign Policy. According to Grimmett (1999), the constitution of the United States divides the powers of foreign policy between the Congress and the President so that both share in developing foreign policy in which the immigration falls in. In this regard, the president approach can either be supported by the congress or re-examined and proper modification made. The second way is that the government has also been allowed to control foreigners’ employment in the country through labor law. According to Department of Labor (2013), the work of ILAB supports the labor secretary and the president in defining foreign and labor policy aims and in meeting the mandates of congressional. Finally, this can be done by reinforcing the border security. The role of guarding the country is constitutionally provided to the federal and states government. Normally, states government ensures security their states while the federal government covers the boarders and thus, president directive serves in protecting the country boarders with the scrutiny of the senate. With this power, the president can manage to limit the problem of illegal immigrants in the country (Mason, 2013).

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