Qualitative Research

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is a method of societal inquest that emphases on the approach people make sense of their understanding and the world in which they live. A number of diverse methods exist within the broader context of this type of inquiry, and numerous of these share the similar objective such as understanding, describing and inferring social occurrences as observed by individuals, groups and cultures(Holloway & Wheeler, 2010). Investigators use qualitative methodologies to discover the behavior, feeling and experiences of society and what lies at the essential of their lives. For example, ethnographers’concentration on customs and culture; grounded theorists explore social progressions and relations, while phenomenologist contemplate and brightenan occurrence and define the life world(Van der Heide, et al., 2010).

The main features of qualitative research

Qualitative research from various fields share common features and follow similar procedures but different data collection and analysis methods could be applicable. Some of the similar elements include:

  • Qualitative research prioritize on the primacy of data. In simple terms, the theoretical framework is directly determined from the data.
  • Qualitative research requires the investigators to be context sensitive since the research is context-bound.
  • Qualitative research allows the researchers to engross themselves in the natural situation of the people whose performance and considerations they wish to explore.
  • Qualitative researchers put more emphasis on the emic viewpoint, the opinions of the people tangled in the research and their insights, importance and interpretations.
  • Qualitative research requires the application of thick description that involves description, analysis and interpretation, researchers are expected to go beyond the construction of the participants.

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