Quality of Service in Network and Its Importance

Quality of Service is described as a capability of the network to provide better service to select network traffic over various technologies, which include IP-routed netwroks, SONET, 802.1 networks, Ethernet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay or all of these underlying technologies (Fitzgerald, & Dennis, 2012). The primary function of the Quality of Service include prioritization of the bandwidth as well as controlling latency and jitter which is a requirement by some real-time and interactive traffic, thus improving loss characteristics. Studies have indicated that Quality of Service technologies provides fundamental foundation to be used by business application in service provider networks, WAN and campus,

The importance of configuring Quality of Service in network

  • ­control over resources: Configuration of Quality of Service enables the network administrators to have control over resources such as wide-area facilities, equipment and bandwidth (Fitzgerald, & Dennis, 2012). The network administrators can prioritize database access based on their importance as well as limiting the bandwidth consumed over a backbone link.
  • More effective use of network resources: Quality of service performs network analysis management and shows unimportant application consuming traffic of the network and the network administrator can restrict the access of these application hence enhancing effectiveness of the network resources.
  • Tailored service: The visibility and control provided by Quality of Service allows the network administrators to tailor the service differentiation to their customers’ hence increasing efficiency.
  • Foundation for a fully integrated network in the future: Configuring Quality of Service technologies in the network is the first step towards the fully integrated multimedia network needed in the near future.

Quality of Service can be utilized to manage the congestion in the network. QoS handles an overflow of arriving traffic by using queuing algorithm tools such as first-in, first-out (FIFO), priority queuing (PQ), Custom queuing (CQ) and Weighted fair queuing (WFQ).

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