Questionnaire On Violence


Criminal justice implies to a system  of practices done  by relevant  institutions and government geared towards upholding the social control of human behavior in the society, in other words, they comprise of measures used to mitigate or reduce crime by giving penalties or rehabilitating the victims. In this case , gender based violence is one of an act  that is rampant in our societies and less efforts has been use to eradicate the menace, violence is one of human rights violation,(Kay  and Cohen,1998).

Therefore, in the proposal it will study on impact of violence  problems and to find out the solution to it. The work will also be of great benefits in providing an insight into the financial implications of violence to  person living below the poverty line and its effects to an  organization.


Since violence is a matter of perception as well as a measurable phenomenon, psychologists have found variability in whether people perceive certain physical acts as ‘violent’. For example, in a state where execution is a legalized punishment we do not typically perceive the executioner as ‘violent’, though we may talk, in a more metaphorical way, of the state acting violently.

According to Bond, (2000),violence are linked to a perceived aggressor-victim relationship: hence psychologists have shown that people may not recognize defensive use of force as aggressive or violent at all, even in cases where the amount of force used is significantly greater than in the original aggression. It is to be noted that with  violence and political instability in a country every sector of the economy gets affected inclusive of the infrastructure .


The civil society and the government criminal system should bring in new policies that are all inclusive when seeking justice in cases of crime.

Parents must also take responsibilities and ensure that they talk to their children about violence and how it reciprocates to criminal behaviour. (Carlisle, 1996) .

Adulthood individuals should be responsible and should adhere to rules   regulating them  and how they should relate with the members of the community



This Questionnaire provided will be used to collect data. The study seeks to investigate the impacts of gender based violence. The data that will be obtained from the field will be confidential and will be used purely in assessing the impacts of violence and how the criminal justice system ought to handle such cases.

1 What is your age bracket; under 15 (    )

15- 19    (    )

20 – 24 (    )

25 – 30  (    )

30- 35   (   )

2      What is your marital status-;   Single       (     )

Married     (    )

Divorced   (   )

Separated (    )

3       What is your Religion?

Christian   (    )

Muslim   (    )

None      (    )

  1. What is the level of your education?

Primary      (    )

Secondary (     )

College      (    )

  1. what do you do for a living

Business    (     )

Farmer       (     )

Employed   (     )

None           (     )

  1. Have you ever been violated?

Yes (  )

No (   )

  1. What type of violence do you take? Please specify;



  1. When are you violated ?

Everyday (    )

Afternoon (    )

Sometime (   )

  1. How do you feel after being violated?

Happy (   )

Sad      (   )

High     (   )

Don’t     (  )

  1. Which side effects do you have after being violated? Please specify _________________________________________________________
  2. What are your views in having an income generating activity?


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