Does Abraham Lincoln Deserve the Accolade “The Great Emancipator” ?

Abraham Lincoln deserves the accolade “the Great Emancipator.” This is because he emancipated about 4 million black slaves from their bondage and abolished slavery in any American state forever, an activity that had taken place in America since 1619. American were highly depending on black slaves brought from different parts of Africa in cotton, tobacco, indigo and rice production by British Colonies in the country. They played a great role in enhancing the economic situation in the country. However, after the revolutionary war in America that took place in 1775 to 1783, Some American reconsidered the slave’s position by relating their suffering the American suffering during British colonialism in the country. The new constitution after the war acknowledged slaves as three-fifth of a person for taxation purposes (History, 2015).

Abraham emancipated slaves despite the tough civil war the issue of freeing slaves initiated in both North and South American, and particularly south where most states supported slavery. The idea of freeing slaves initiated seceded from the confederate States of America. An issue that had caused 4 years conflict in America from 1861 to 1865 was not an easy issue to deliberate on, openly and with authority. The fact that the idea of abolishing slavery initiated a civil war simply implies that, those that supported slavery were ready to do anything include killing to retain their slaves. However, Abraham Lincoln did not fear nor hesitated to think of the repercussion of his action to those that supported slavery. His emancipation was clear, loud and commanding, despite of great resistance by whites especially from the south. This demonstrates his strength and true philosophy which he could execute without fear of the danger he was putting himself into. Lincoln knew that emancipation would have affected his political career since blacks were still not allowed to vote and a considerable number of whites were in support for slavery. However, he did not act selfishly, he remained true to his believes and desire (Rogerjnorton, 1996).

Although there were a number of people who supported confederation for instance Davis, and Napoleon, they never believed in their ability to stand strong without British support or that of France. In this regard, Lincoln contribution in freeing slaves demonstrates his urge to fulfil his desire as a person who love fair human treatment despite of racial variation (History, 2015). Although Lincoln was not ready to mingle with blacks and to make them part of his life in political or social life, his act brought a new joy to black slaves. It also marked a great milestones in blacks fight for their rights as human being, and their recognition in human race in the foreign nation, since the document granted blacks rights to form a union. Lincoln emancipation set all blacks free and since then, the slavery business died not just in America but in other countries too. It is also important to note that Lincoln stand on slavery cost his life and thus, his act cannot go unrewarded. Lincoln was assassinated by who were believed to be the south that were so much against the abolishment of the slavery. This is a create sacrifice which marked the beginning of blacks ability and power to fight for their social, economic, and political position in the United States. Since Lincoln act, there have never been any other president who was pointed to have such a higher ability to stand with the minorities. In this regard, Lincoln deserves the legacy of Great emancipator (History, 2015).

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