Recommendation Report on the Best Car to Purchase for the Just Eat Fleet

Statement of Purpose

Over the past decade, Just Eat has proven to be one of the most popular hybrid market place around the world.  Current estimations place the number of active users at 21.5 million (“Just Eat”). Online delivery has been cited as a primary reason for this success, especially since customers get a stress-free and secure channel to pay for food from various restaurant partners. The recent expansion into Toronto now means that thousands of customers can make orders from their favorite restaurants without any worries.

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In line with this change, proposals have been made to Just Eat with regard to the purchase of 35 cars that will support the food delivery operations across downtown Toronto. With one driver and a maximum of 12 delivers per day, the company’s operations are expected to run smoothly without any challenges. The purpose of this analytical report is therefore to recommend a car best suited for this type of work by presenting three possible options based on the economy and reliability methodology.  

Cars Selected and Criteria for Evaluation

One of the most important objectives of any company is to save money. Just Eat is no different. Saving money would enable an enterprise to redirect resources to other initiatives to increase the global footprint (Kemp and Stephani 56). Just Eat relies on cars for all its delivery runs through different routes. Thus, the purchase of the right vehicle is critical in enabling the company to serve its clients while remaining visible to potential customers. Vehicle purchases should always be treated as assets since they play a major role in reducing financial stress for any company. In this case, the criteria for evaluation for the purchase of the ideal delivery vehicle included their reliability and price. It was for this reason that the Ford Focus, Toyota Prius Hybrid and Honda Fit were selected as ideal candidates.

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2012 Ford Focus

The 2012 Ford Focus is a true testament of professionalism. It functions well in tight urban environments such as Toronto and will be quite exceptional when seeking to make quick deliveries to clients. Over the years, it has been recommended by franchise owners due to its performance and its ability to widen the profit margin. With around 25-feet of cubic space at its rear end while consuming one gallon for every 40 miles, this hatchback is ideal for making delivery runs. The space will give the driver ample room to carry the goods without any difficulties or damage. In addition to this, the car also sports an innovative key system that can be programmed to sound warnings whenever the driver exceeds the speed limit. Typically, delivery drivers are usually in much of a hurry to transport their orders that they end up ignoring the speed limit. Such an action may have disastrous consequences for the driver and the public since it may result in a car crash in the worst case scenario. A car crash involving company property may be disastrous for Just Eat’s reputation which is why such an innovation is an added advantaged. High-speed driving is immediately disabled, ensuring that both the driver and the public are safe at all times. Another important feature is its 38MPG mileage which makes driving it around such a location an easy task. Moreover, the car also has a high resale value which will enable the company to avoid making any losses when it finally decides to sell it. The base price starts from $18,000, which is an actual bargain considering the year it was produced.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius is an ideal choice for any enterprise conscious about saving the planet from the harmful effects of carbon-based fuels. As a rule of thumb, franchises with fleets of delivery cars aim to always ensure that they reduce fuel costs, especially when the vehicle is on the road every day. It is also critical for companies to reduce carbon emissions, by choosing wisely when selecting a delivery car. Prius fits this description and also benefits the driver by providing enough head and leg room. It is also important to consider the drivers welfare since they spend a large portion of their day inside these vehicles. In keeping with its “green” nature, the Prius only consumes a gallon for every 51 miles. Additionally, the car runs on gas and electric motor which drastically reduce the level of carbon emissions. A spacious interior also allows the driver to deliver orders without any problems and within the fastest time possible. Furthermore, the company will also get a unique opportunity to save money that could be redirected to other initiatives that would ultimately improve its standing in the market. For instance, money saved could be channeled to the drivers as an extra daily tip. By so doing, the company will raise their morale and increase the chances of making additional profits in future. The modern world is plagued by constant fluctuations in the price of fuel which is why the Toyota Prius Hybrid is common among franchise owners. The Prius is, therefore, economical and affordable at a base price of $23,000.

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is an elegant choice that is bound to meet a company’s long-term needs. It is a practical option that is also environmentally friendly. Honda Fit also has a perfect cargo capacity that will benefit Just Eat greatly when undertaking its meal delivery service. In the hatchback version, the Honda Fit sports rear doors that are of the fold-down type which now provides additional space for the driver and cargo. It also matches the company name, especially since it seeks to nourish individuals. Honda Fit is also one of the most fuel efficient cars in the market. It consumes one gallon for every 33 miles covered, which is an impressive gas mileage. Drivers can, therefore, make their deliveries without any challenges. Honda has also introduced an electric version of their flagship model which will help franchise companies and businesses to cut down on fuel consumption. Its unique design is also integral to the company’s success since it will go a long way in helping Just Eat to stand out. Low emission and cargo space give Honda Fit an edge over many of its competitors and is quite affordable at $15,000.

Findings and Analysis            

Out of the three cars reviewed, Honda Fit is the cheapest then followed by the 2012 Ford Focus and Toyota Prius Hybrid. $15,000 is a manageable price for the company, although only a slight difference exists between the three cars. The Prius Hybrid is consumes the least amount of gas, travelling 51 miles for every gallon consumed. This is an advantage for the firm since it deals, primarily with deliveries in Toronto. Drivers would, therefore, save money that would therefore have been spent on fuel. In addition to this, the Toyota Prius Hybrid and Honda Fit have also come in electric versions with low emissions. Having these types of cars as part of the fleet is a conscious choice for many to reduce air pollution while using renewable emissions with low exhaust emissions (Reynolds 23). All three cars are equally matched in the amount of cargo space that the driver would require at any given moment.


In conclusion, Honda Fit is the most affordable car among the three reviewed in this analysis. Nevertheless, the Prius Hybrid is the most economical in the consumption of fuel. Both the Prius and Honda Fit have an electric car version which is ideal for a changing world. All three cars have ample space for delivery, which is why they are ideal candidates for the job.


The primary purpose of Just Eat’s operations is to make profits while serving individuals. Adding a reliable and economical car is therefore fitting and would go a long way in enabling the firm to achieve its objectives. From the data presented above, the Toyota Prius is the best option available. It covers more miles on one gallon in comparison to the rest and also comes in an electric version. Although priced at $23,000, it is an investment that will benefit the company greatly. I hereby recommend the purchase of the Toyota Prius as a Just Eat delivery car for the city of Toronto.

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