Relationship Between Employee factors and Management Factors in Accident Causation

What is the relationship between employee factors and management factors in accident causation? Why do you think many accidents result in “employee error” as the major cause? 

Accident causation is the factors which are the prime reasons for accident. It gives an understanding of what initiated an unsafe situation to happen. Accidents can be caused by management aspects and employees aspects. Management is required to ensure safety by providing functional machinery that is in good working condition. They are also required to implement the OSHA safety rules by providing the workers with the protection gears, installing danger or risk signs in the right place, and by educating the workers on the safety rules.

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Regular inspection by qualified people should also be employed. Employees on the other hand are required to observe these rules. They are required to ensure that they use the machinery as required, to wear protection gear, to report any unsafe situation. Accidents can be caused by management or employees factors or both. When the management fails to provide the right safety gears, then it is impossible for workers to protect themselves and thus the chances of accident are high.

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The management may be lenient in ensuring that the safety rules are followed and hence poor adherence of the rules on the client’s side may results to accidents. The management may also refuse to spend on machine inspection and maintenance which increases cases of malfunctioning of the machineries and hence increasing possibilities of injuries. Thus improper improvising of rules by the management and poor adherence of the rules by the workers are the main cause of accidents. Human error is one of the main causes of accidents. This is because human error can happen due to many reasons and are very uncontrollable. No law can control human errors, and in most cases they happen unconsciously thus, making it easier to initiate accident by use of human errors.

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