Reasons Why Construction Industry has a Higher Fatality Rate Than Other Industries

Construction industry has been the leading industry in the number of nonfatal and fatal occupational injuries in a long period. Most of these fatalities originate form falls, being struck by objects, caught in or between, electrocution, transportation, and exposure among others. Construction involves a number of dangerous processes, heavy objects and materials, moving machinery, height and other danger exposure aspects.

Constructions Industry
Constructions Industry

This may be one of the reasons that the industry records the highest level of fatality which can occur due to simple mistakes or small distractions. Other reasons that could have caused a high level of fatalities in the industry is lack of proper communication of risks involved in the construction industry, lack of proper protection gears or not putting the protection gears at all times. Carelessness and lack of enough concentration while performing different tasks could make workers to be easily distracted and lose focus and thus, end up making mistakes. Fatigue in the work process could also result to errors that can result to fatalities. Other reasons that would results to fatalities are lack of skills and proper training.

Constructions Industry Fatalities Statistics
Constructions Industry Fatalities Statistics

Construction is one of the industry that accommodate high level of unskilled or semi-skilled individuals in various tasks to give a hand in lifting, pushing, and other tasks that do not require any skills. This implies that most workers may lack proper understanding of the workability of most of the machinery or the danger involved in some construction site or construction procedures. Consequently, they are bound to make mistakes, either unknowingly, or due to curiosity. Thus, it is very likely to experience fatalities of different degrees in various construction sites.

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