Relationship Between Organizations And Employees – Apple and Nucor

MGMT 8025M – Relationship Between Organizations And Employees Discussion

Every company has its own perspective on the relationship between it and its employees.  The perspective  vary based on core assumptions, Chapter six in your course textbook compares two organizations: Apple and Nucor.  Apple focuses more on seeing employees “as stools” to accomplish goals for the organization while Nucor is a company that believes its employees have individual needs that can be aligned with the company’s profit and goals. 

By explaining which of the organizations perspective you think is more effective.  Justify your position.  Be sure to include the motivation theories that are relevant as well as Morgan’s psychic prison metaphor in your explanation.

Apple and Nucor Relationships Between Organizations And Employees

Apple and Nucor are two different companies that employ different mechanisms in workforce management. Apple uses its workforce as a tool to achieve its high profit goals, with no concern on its wellbeing. Its workforce is characterized by long working hours, low wages, child labor, harsh working conditions and high level of supervision among other vices. On the contrary, Nucor has established a flattened hierarchy form of organization structure where workers do not have to take orders to do what they are supposed to do. Workers are highly self-driven, with their needs being aligned to those of their organization. Although they do not have extra ordinary compensation, they always receive bonus that match individual work performance and recognition among other things. This highly motivates workers to go an extra mile to enhance personal and organization performance (Bolman&Deal, 2017).

Between the two, Nucor perspective of workforce management is highly effective compared to that of Apple. Nucor has ensured to get the best out of workers, not by bulldozing them, but by motivating them. Nucor employs two-factor theory by catering at hygiene factors and motivational factors. The organization ensures that workers have a favorable work environment such as flat hierarchical structure, good working conditions and favorable company policies. Nucor in addition applies motivational factors that include recognition by appearing in the company’s annual magazine, bonuses and chances for personal career growth (Bolman&Deal, 2017). All these aspects lack in Apple where workers have to work for long hours in unfavorable working condition. Apple can be described using psychic prison metaphor of organization where organizations are perceived as systems which are entwined in their own actions and thoughts. It is controlled by fear of death, obsessions of making huge profits, illusions of anxieties and control, making defense mechanism its center of attention, which is applied by oppressing workers forcing to produce more within a short time period, and paying them less to realize high profits (Morgan, 2006). This makes apple poor in workers management, while Nucor demonstrate effective human resource management strategies.

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