Responsibilities and Duties of People in Charge of Human Resource

There are a number of responsibilities and duties that are performed by the people in charge of human resources. These responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to recruitment and training, performance appraisals, maintaining work atmosphere, developing public relations, and managing disputes (Battaglio, 2014). Recruitment and training comprise an integral part of the human resource process. The people in charge of the Human Resource have to devise strategies and plans for hiring people with the right kind of skills. After recruitment, they still have a duty to train employees so that they can conform to their work requirements. By conducting performance appraisals, the people in charge of the HR encourage organization’s employees to work as per their potential and suggest to them ways that can help them improve on such potentials. The people in charge of the human resources, also, have a responsibility to maintain an appropriate work atmosphere so that employees can maximize the contribution to the organization. An efficient human resource should be able to provide a great working environment. The human resources officials play a great role in ensuring that proper public relations prevail in the organization (Battaglio, 2014). In this regard, they perform various activities on behalf of the company which include: organizing seminars, business meetings, and many other official gathering. Finally, the people in charge of the human resource perform a great role in managing disputes. Considering that disputes are naturally inevitable in a work environment and, therefore, have to come in and resolve them in a friendly manner.

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