Severe Mental Disorder Research Sample Paper

Severe Mental Disorder is a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder that can result to serious functional Impairment resulting to interference with or limiting one or more major life activities. It includes diagnoses which involve psychosis (where a person may experience dilutions or start losing touch with reality) or special level of care requiring hospital treatment.

Perhaps there are many serious mental illnesses or disorders. However, there are two common severe conditions which are normally known as the schizophrenia and bipolar disorder also referred to as the manic depression. Schizophrenia affects someone’s thinking resulting to altering their perception of reality, their behavior and also their emotions. Bipolar disorder or manic depression is a serious mental illness that may cause extreme shifts in someone’s moods causing recurring episodes of depressions and mania throughout their lives (Codony & Miquel, 2015).

Sometimes a person with a severe mental disorder may threaten to harm himself or herself or even another person, or to seriously damage property, necessary safety actions should be taken. Under extreme situation, a call for help is necessary and objects which the person may

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