Should Widgetwise hire Jack Taylor

Betty Smith, head of human resources for the Widgetwise Company, had to hire a national sales manager. After many interviews, Smith narrowed the field down to two candidates. Jack Taylor was clearly the top choice. He had finished first in his class, had great employment experience, and exceptional communication skills. The other candidate, Rita Manson, appeared to be capable and competent, but she lack Taylor’s fine credentials, proven track record, and engaging personality.

The problem? Jack Taylor is blind. Widgetwise company had a strong policy of hiring regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or physical ability. But Smith realized that hiring Taylor posed several problems. Widgetwise would need to become “blind-friendly” so that Taylor and his seeing-eye dog could navigate the building. The company would need to install Braille signage, purchase Braille word-processing equipment, and hire additional secretarial help as well as a driver to aid Taylor in doing his job. Some senior managers were concerned that this investment – upfront and going-would be hefty. They also worried that other employees might view the changes as favoritism.

Smith pondered additional concerns.

Please answer the following in an essay:

  1. How would customers react to negotiating with a blind sales manager who could not see the charts and graphs that were normally used in meetings?
  2. Would Taylor’s presence require special training for the other employees?
  3. What about the potential legal liability if Taylor should trip and fall at work?
  4. What, if any, of the employees were allergic to-or even afraid of-dogs?
  5. Nonetheless, Smith had to make a decision by the end of the day. What should that decision be and why?

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