Ethical Decison Making Concerning Environmental Issues

The solution discusses decision making in business from an ethical standpoint. Solutions to a specific case outline the various decisions that can be made, based on various theories related to ethics. The solution also discusses environmental law and the duties of the EPA.

In the case presented, George is the plant manager of Ardnak Plastics Inc, in Hondo, TX. His plant has been fined yet again for emissions from manufacturing processes reaching higher than acceptable levels. Bill, an executive, tells George he must find a way to reduce emissions, though the company will not purchase scrubbers to help reduce the levels of carbon in the smokestacks. A manager from another plant recommends that George run more production operations at night, as the EPA does not visit then and the plant will be able to pass future inspections. Bill has told George that if he does not find a solution, the plant will be moved 15 miles south to Mexico. Bill’s wife reminds him that much of Hondo’s economy relies on the jobs created by Ardnak and that many of her family members are employed there. The various ethical theories are used to describe the different decisions George can make.

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