Singapore Airlines Human Resource Practices Evaluation

The success of any organization is highly determines by the HR practices adopted in the organization. Different organizations employ different practices some which influence their performance more compared to other similar organization. This paper evaluates Singapore Airlines HR practices that have highly contributed to the organization success. SIA emphasis on five elements to enhance successful HR practices. The first element is straight recruitment and selection processes. The second element is investing extensively in retaining and training sources. The third element is successful teams of service delivery. The fourth element is frontline staff empowerment to control quality. The fifth element is staff motivation through recognition and rewards leadership for cost-effectiveness and service excellence. The implementation of these elements has highly enhances the organization success compared to its competitors.

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The Uniqueness about Singapore Airlines’s Five Elements of its Successful HR Practices

One of the main reasons why these elements are unique is because they all work together and complement each other. The selection process is considerably strict and discriminative compared to other companies, especially those in US. Other than academic qualification, the selection process also focuses on individual physical attributes, age, attitude, and ability to work with others and interact with strangers.  Some attributes such as age and physical appearance cannot be applied in other similar companies in US since it is regarded as discriminative and hence illegal.

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The selection process also involves a number of tests which do not take place in other companies. The water confidence test, uniform check, psychometric test and also an English test ensures that the company does not make blind judgment on candidate ability to handle the tasks and to satisfy the requirements. The company does not take chances in recruitment. It offers different interviews and test to ensure that is only select and confirm the most confirmed individual in the group of applicants. This focuses on ensuring that that the selected candidates have all it takes to be part of the team (Wirtz& Heracleous, 2012).

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Effectiveness of Each Element’s Contribution toward Singapore Airlines’ Leadership in Service Excellence and Cost Effectiveness

The selection and recruitment process is very strict and detailed which provides the company with an opportunity to only select the most qualified individuals who fully satisfy the company hiring requirements. This ensures continuation of service excellence in the company. In addition to this, the recruitment process is extended to probation period where those who qualify for the first selection are trained, couched and mentored, as well as closely monitored for a period of six months. This training ensures that the new employees are ready to work effectively and safeguard the image of the company. Continuous training is also offered to all to ensure that they remain informed and always ready to handle different tasks as required by the company (Borisova et al., 2017).

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Empowerment ensures that workers remain motivated and always in positive attitude while working in the company. This increases job satisfaction and assist in maintaining quality performance. Recognition and rewards enhances self determination to develop leadership skills and to be more effective in personal work and hence nurturing leadership skills. Team work ensures effectiveness in work done and support and guidance in refining individual skills as well as nurturing leadership skills. All this ensure the provision of high standard services and development of leadership skills (HCI Talent, 2016).

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Why Most Companies have not Adopted Proven Practices Services to Attain Higher Company Performance

Despite a clear prove that the five Singapore Airlines elements enhances achievement of high company performance, many organizations have not managed to execute them. One of the main reasons is due to the cost involved. In most cases, companies only select individuals they are sure they can keep. Initial training is never given to people who may be dismissed after probation. Thus in most cases, companies do not set aside extra resources to train candidates who may not be confirmed at the end (Wirtz& Heracleous, 2012). The cost involved in training experienced people is also considerably high and hence most companies prefer avoiding it by only offering training to those who needs it most, unlike in SIA where training is offered to all. Some of the practices involve in SIA selection and recruitment is considered illegal in countries such as US and hence, they cannot be applied by any company in the country.

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SIA Practices which are considered Illegal in US and how they may Create Unfair Competition

Selection and recruitment is one of the main five elements of the SIA which enhances it success.  This element involves a number of practices, some of which are illegal in the United States. Practices include elimination of candidates based on their physical looks and age is regarded as discriminative in the United States. According to labor anti-discrimination law no employer is required to eliminate an applicant based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, and sexuality. This means that American airlines are at disadvantage since unlike in Singapore, they cannot eliminate a candidate based on physical appearance which mostly comprise of race or color and disability aspect, or age.

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Concentration on individual physical appearance is considerably discriminative since most people cannot control how they look or where they were born. This aspect encourages racial discrimination where complexions considered being not good enough for airline services are eliminated despite having satisfied all other requirements (Houseman, 1999). It is not clear whether beauty or ‘fine’ physical appearance contributes significantly to the SIA success compared to other factors. In my opinion these practices are unethical (selecting based on physical attribute) and they may make a negligible contribution which can be covered by concentrating on other important aspects such as attitude and ability to work with others and to handle customers (Sillup& Klimberg, 2010). Thus, they may not give SIA much advantage, but they are definitely in promotion of racial discrimination in employment.

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