Social, Psychological And Biological Theory Of Crime

Person A is coming from a socially disorganized community characterized with rapid residential transition, high unemployment rates and totally lack of adult control in the children’s lives. Person A therefore from the beginning had no quality models in his surroundings. As a child he witnessed most instances of thieves running with stolen items more frequently. Sometimes he met the thieves who happened to be almost of his age celebrating the stolen properties and having much pleasure. For so long in his growing period he was exposed to this and under no circumstance did his father or his mother addressed these issues. To the worse part, his parents were so poor that the father could be a victim of stealing neighbors chicken for their dinner.

At school he influenced the choices the other pupils made. Some of them could collude with him in his destructive activities. Person A started stealing his classmates’ pens, pocket money among other things that led to his expulsion in primary school in class seven which was the furthest he reached with his education. At home he advanced to stealing electronics like radios, phones from the neighboring. It took him not more than three years before he could be jailed for six years that he fully served then came out only to advance by joining gangs thereby stealing bigger merchandise like cars.

Person B is a third born in the house of five. He is not as smart as his other siblings. He is believed to have been born with a biological condition that contributes greatly to his mental and physical inferiority thereby contributing greatly to his inability not only to learn but also to follow simple rules. He has been having problems right from the house with his family. He hardly did what he was told quite often he did the exact opposite. He became so hostile with frequent disagreements with his siblings and peers that developed into fights. He had too many scars at a young age.

With time he developed a serious deviant behavior being unfriendly to almost everyone. School did not go well for him due to constant fights. He therefore dropped out in college to join some group of individuals who did drugs. Since he had problems with following rules, he could set the rules, hence a leader of drug dealers. Person B uncontrolled biological condition led him in becoming a big criminal in the city.

Person C is a brother. We schooled together.  The problem is, he comes from a very abusive, violent and aggressive household.  The parents are very violent people who settle their frustrations in life by becoming very violent with other people. The parents had very bad influence to the life of person C. he learned that it is normal to work out his frustrations by being violent to others including           myself. Even as a young boy, person C enjoyed seeking out very dangerous and exciting activities that quite often led him to recklessness and sometimes in criminal ways. He had a personality disorder and felt absolutely no empathy to people.

Person C could not say sorry to people even when he practically wronged them. Doing wrong to people sometimes became his pleasure and this gave ways and excuses for his eventual criminal acts. Sometimes he had great negative influence to me I remember playing a role in hurting some classmates but unlike him our father could succeed in talking me out of it.

Basically I remember three people in my life who have been of great influence in my life, my father, mother and pastor. These people have contributed greatly towards supporting positive behavior in me. They have taught me of ways of resisting peer pressure that could contribute to my downfall sometimes in the past.

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