Stock Performance and Equity Investment

Stock Performance from 24th April to Date

On 24th of June, the Starbucks Corporation stock was listed at $51.84 at NasdaqGS stock trade market. Immediately after that the stock price went down on 5th may to $49.99 with the lowest instances being on 11th and 13th of May where the stock was listed at $49.59.  However, it started regaining its strength slowly since then.  On 15th May, the stock was listed at $50.79 which continued to increase to $51.33 on 22nd May. On 29th May the stock was able to go beyond the point it was in during my first analysis, where it was listed at 51.96. On 5th June, which is the most recent listing this stock was listed at $52.19. This stock can be said to demonstrate an irregular trend although it has never been below a mark of $50 after it managed to recover from the first drop, since the first reading (Yahoo finance, 2015d). Starbucks is considered a good investment since it has always managed to remain innovative and thus competitive in the market.

Dunkin’s Brands Group, Inc. has been irregular since the first reading on 24th of April. It initially dropped from $54.03 on 24th to $52.11 by the end of the month. By 5th of May, the stock had gone down to $50.79 where it started demonstrating a positive trend increasing to $52.61 on 15th May, to $53.47 on 19th May before another negative trend. Since then the stock has been going down ranging between ranging from $ 53.47 to $52.20. The closing value on June 5th was $52.47 (Yahoo finance, 2015b). Dunkin Brands is considered unstable with a negative trend in its stock and also low sales than predicted before the beginning of the year. Therefore, investors cannot be certain about its future.

McDonald’s Corp stock has also been demonstrating an irregular trend in the market where a negative trend dominates. On 24th of April, the stock was listed at $98.74 in the NYSE stock market. On 27th April, the stock had decreased to $96.44 on 29th of April. Since then, the stock has been demonstrating an irregular trend that ranged between 96.10 and 98.01 from 30th April to 18th May. The stock hit $100 mark on May 19th but a consistent negative trend was registered on the following day onwards to 5th of June where the closing price was $95.54 which is much less than what was registered on 24th April (Yahoo finance, 2015c). Although the company has a long history, McDonald is has been reported to has been struggling with its runway Menu. The irregular and common negative stock trend demonstrates that the brand is losing its initial market power and thus, this is not the right time for investors to think of investing with the company.

Darden Restaurants, Inc. stock has also demonstrated a negative trend since the first reading on 24th of April where it was listed at $67.01. This is documented as the last highest point of this stock in the market. On 27th April, the stock dropped to $65.84. On 5th May the stock dropped to $61.75and later on May 11th it increased to $64.16. Since then the stock has been demonstrating an irregular trend $65.54 to $62.70. The closing price on 5th June was $64.84 which is far below the initial reading (Yahoo finance, 2015a). Darden’s share performance is not encouraging, and the company’s valuation in the market is far below its competitors. There is a considerable decrease in the company’s performance from 2010 and thus, it would not be advisable to invest with the company.

Yum! Brands, Inc. stock demonstrates a positive trend from $87.10 recorded on 24th April. The company only experienced a slight to $86.28 on 30th April which was followed by a drastic increase to $91.90. Since then, the stock has demonstrated an irregular trend with the highest value being $94.95 on 19th May and the lowest value being $89.86 on 30th May. The closing value on June 5th was recorded as $90.79, which is higher than the initial value (Yahoo finance, 2015e). Yum is demonstrating its potential in the market. The company CEO has a great confidence with KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and expects that their positive growth will uplift the company’s position in the market. Therefore Yum could be a good investment project.

None of the five provided companies contains preferred stocks. Although they all had long term debts none of them allowed the debt conversation into equity and thus, the comparison between them and stock is not possible.   


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