Use of Digital Media in Organizations

Digital media is deemed as a content that can be transmitted over the computer networks or internet. Actually, this entails video, graphics and video. Conversely, this indicates that news from a newspaper, TV network, magazine, and the things that are presented on the website or blog can appear beneath this category. Diverse digital media are focused on translating analog data into digital information. For instance, the internet started to expand when the text was entered onto the internet rather than being stored on papers as it was done initially. However, it was immediately after text was put into computers that the image followed, as well as audio and video were introduced onto the internet. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at providing evidential information concerning application of digital media in diverse organizations (Silverblatt, 2013).

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The current social networking and social media scientific revolutions are broadly believed to provide governmental and business organizations with powerful mean of improving their interactions, performance, and ultimately reinforcing all processes conducted within an organization. In confirmatory, various technology and business journals are particularly optimistic concerning the positive effects that these advancements have impacted on the institutes that embraces them. However, these potential advantages are not well apprehended, specifically as a result of lack of empirical study on the organization’s application of the platforms and technologies that underlie social media and social networking (Juris, 2005).

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The area where potential use of social networking and social media scientific innovations is considered high is that of online communal services. Otherwise, over the last decade, various governments have been confirmed to invest heavily in Information Communication Technology (ICT) enabled community services and apart from emergence of various social media and social networking services, the take-up has been comparatively low and the predictable transformation of the administration not as extensive as suggested. Based on this, the relevance of social networking application during handling emerging challenges within the new models of administration, participatory methods and on issues linked with delivery of public services is heightening. Additionally, principles for social inclusion recognize the need of SNS during acquisition skills, social mobility, fighting poverty and social innovation (Lance Bennett, Breunig & Givens, 2008).

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Significantly, the value of enterprise application of social networking is determined through the way they are harnessed to establish value for organization rather than by platforms themselves. Based on this, single outstanding issue revolves on identification of the circumstances beneath which the public and business administration organizations are capable of adopting social media and social networking platforms improving external and internal processes, organizational performance and communications (Kawamoto, 2003). The other issue revolve on the course of measuring the advantages of these platforms. Generally, these benefits should be calculated fixedly through monetary terms, and should also determine whether the organizations shall employ them on developing intangible assets including organizational, human, and information capital which need to be strictly measured (Silverblatt, 2013).

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Apparently, as the social media progresses to evolve and grow, workers are tasked with the role of depicting the rewards of employing online tools including MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedln, blogging as well as countless others. Generally, this might seem simple enough to outright to motivate workers to use online sites on reinforcing interaction in the market sector. Based on this, social media is confirmed as a prominent avenue for monitoring, managing and monitoring organizational brand, as well as controlling triumphant employing and hiring of strong candidates, executing and targeting sales, and on carrying out market research. In clarity, workers through social media are confirmed to maximize the advantages of these equipments through depleting legal risks connected with their usage (Juris, 2005).

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Moreover, social media and networking are also considered to create appropriate opportunities for marketing goods and services. When individuals only publish their advertisements, though, their audience halt following them altogether. This scientific innovations instead of hitting their customers as far as advertising is concerned, it provides tips for way of using their product or service. For instance, an organization can write a blog post concerning the way of putting together a business casual feature, thereby, providing its customers with a reason for keeping reading. Genuinely, this process is viewed to increase level of customers within a given firm hence leading to increase in specified sales of goods and services (Lance Bennett, Breunig & Givens, 2008).

Furthermore, social media is viewed to provide essential information for real time updating the specified customers. At this juncture, the social media chances organizations to communicate with its audience. For example, a firm can employ Twitter to pass information where their daily operations, their goods or services, avenue and time of accessing its products, in addition to any last-minute scheduling transformations. In connection to this, these organizations can have last-minute distribution or allow its clients to know that their products have exhausted. This can be made possible through providing customers with relevant information, particularly when someone get notice of any change in market sector, can Tweet the incidence to followers to update them of the experienced issues (Tapscott, 2006).

Social media can furthermore instigate interactions between organizations and customers. As far as this is concerned, organizational clients can comment or interact on firm’s post and the firm can also provide glimpse into its daily operations. For instance, the new information concerning an organization can post images of the specified products with their customers. Precisely, this help in building personal business into a community thereby increasing the probability of the repeat business. Indeed, this is amongst means of increasing sales goods and services since majority of individuals are being attracted to the company through advertisement (Juris, 2005).

Additionally, social media is witnessed to aid organizations to determine customers’ tastes and preferences of provided goods and services. At this juncture, firms tend to invite the society to post its review and depleting the urge of being defensive particularly when the posts are negative. Significantly, the organizations are required to apologize on posts concerning brief reactions as well as accepting to carry out necessary required changes. On the other hand, organizations also can trigger customers to speak their minds concerning potential business operations, thus reducing chances of encountering potential missteps or flops (Lance Bennett, Breunig & Givens, 2008).

While summing up, this project has portrayed digital media as a content that can be transmitted over the computer networks or internet and it entails video, graphics and video. Genuinely, digital media is focused on translating analog data into digital information. In particular, the internet is confirmed to start expand during the time text was put onto the internet rather than being stored on papers as it was done initially. While summing up, this assignment has provided an evidential information concerning application of digital media in diverse organizations (Tapscott, 2006).

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