Strategic Human Resources Management Plan – Cellular Service Provider

This is a human resources management (HRM) strategic plan proposal for a large cellular service provider that is at the growth stage and that is publicly traded with the stockholders contributing to the company’s funding through the stock exchange market. The HRM strategic plan is developed by the human resources department with a view to aligning the corporate strategic plan to the HRM plan so as to best utilize the company’s human resources to achieve the objectives of the company. It involves staffing, workplace policies, compensation and benefits, retention, training and development as well as regulations and worker safety (Ulrich and Brockbank, 2005).

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Apart from the human resources department, staffing will include all line managers being involved in staff recruitment and selection (Beardwell and Claydon, 2017). The growing company requires adequate staff with varying skills and experiences to include engineers, marketers, salespeople, accountants and administrators. This will ensure that the company continues to develop new products and services for its existing and new markets, including new industries and international market.

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The industry experiences rapid internal labor movements and hence the company will plan for this, including management succession. This is by having relatively younger assistants to all crucial management staff who will be understudies to the experienced managers ensuring effective plan for replacement of retiring managers and staff turnover.

Basic workplace policies

The company will adopt an open-door policy where there is constant and open communication among staff members and other stakeholders. This will ensure that new ideas and issues are communicated effectively and efficiently (Wilton, 2013). The management will thus be able to enable development of the ideas and resolve any arising issues, enhancing staff motivation and morale. This will also reduce bureaucracy in the company.  

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Teamwork will be a core tenet of the company, with close collaboration being encouraged so as to achieve team and corporate objectives. While each worker will have plans, processes and procedures to achieve, their success will be evaluated on their ability to help meet team objectives, with respective managers being responsible for ensuring team success (University of California Riverside, 2015).

Compensation and benefits

For the cellular provider industry, it is important that compensation of the workers aligns with the industry standards. The company will hence establish the average industry salaries for various positions so as to ensure its employees remuneration tallies with this. There will be annual increments for staff based on individual and team performance as reflected in annual appraisals. 

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There should also be internal equity in the compensation so as to motivate the employees and ensure job satisfaction. Employees in the same job category will therefore have almost similar compensation and benefits, with a variation of not more than 15%. The variations will be the result of differences in performance, qualifications and experience (University of California Riverside, 2015).

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There will also be rewards for best performing employees in each of the various departments.


In line with the company’s stated objective of being the best in the world, the cellular service provider will aim to retain the best performing employees in the organization while laying off the worst performing. This will be based on annual appraisals of the workers where invention, innovation and honesty will be key performance indicators.  This will ensure that the company has more diversified revenue streams, updated products and also builds on the number of loyal customers for realization of the company’s profit objectives.

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The company will also be involved in merger and acquisition activities where it will aim to retain the best employees from the merging companies while laying off employees who will not add value or who will have duplicate roles and responsibilities to existing employees (DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhuist, 2016).

Training and development

To ensure effective management, there will be suitable training for managers for management and organizational development (Ulrich and Brockbank, 2005). The training and development program will be geared towards good interpretation of the company’s environment so as to effectively address the needs and wants of the customers and consumers. Corporate culture, productivity, technology, efficiency, customer service and the economies the company operates in will be focused on in the training.

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Regulations and worker safety

Health and safety at the company will be streamlined to industry standards, with the regulations being frequently revised to adhere to company needs and emerging issues. This will be guided by industry associations and unions.

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