Why Strategic Management is Important to Human Resources

How and Why Strategic Management Is/Could/Should Be Relevant and Important For Human Resources

The human resources are a vital component of the organization towards its achievement of goals and objectives (Mello, 2014). Owing to its importance, the human resources management has becomes a common place for many successful companies such as Verizon, CVS pharmacy and Apple among others. The concept has evolved over the years, from personnel management to strategic human resource management. Strategic management has since become an important aspect of human resources.

The development of strategic plans always ensures that plans for each organization resource are planned in conjunction with each other (Mello, 2014). This should be done because organization resources are interdependent. Whatever is planned for and acted upon often has a bearing on the other organization resources. Therefore, it is pertinent that the human resources professional have a good understanding of strategic management in order to allow them to develop strategic plans for each resource.

The success of human resources depends on the type of strategy choice adopted. Strategy defines how firms position themselves in the market to compete. Since human resources are vital component of an organization, development of good human resources strategy determines the competitive position of an organization in the market. Moreover, the shift into the resource-based RBV has necessitated the need for effective and efficient resource plans. Having the knowledge of strategic management can help the human resources personnel in developing effective human resources strategies that are consistent with organization’s overall strategy. This will go a long way in enhancing effective resource utilization, development of effective human resource planning, which ultimately influences organization internal environment to create competitive advantage in the market.

How to Apply the Strategic Planning Concepts and Ideas to be Successful in Human Resource in Verizon

Verizon, the largest fixed telephone line and wireless service provider was founded in 1983. The company has one of the best human resources owing to its use of balanced scorecard. The strategic concepts and ideas learned in class can be applied in order to be successful in human resource in the company. The concepts of strategic planning will be employed to create a link between the various departments in the company with the company production unit. The employee KSAs would be assessed and individual employee skills matched with job requirements. The strategy of creating a match in skills and particular job descriptions creates a satisfied workforce, which increase performance.

In addition, a forecast of the future human resource needs shall be done in line with the company strategic goals. Such forecasts involve the estimation of the human resources in the market, for example, having knowledge of the number of employees that would be required to allow the company to achieve its strategic goals, the skills that the workforce need, and the number of job to be filled. Also, the challenges of meeting the staffing needs based on the analysis of the external environment. All these human resource strategic initiatives will help to align the company’s human resource with its corporate and market strategic goals.

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