CJ451 – Female Suicide Bombers Discussion

Kahira Saadi Female Suicide Bombers Scenario

Kahira Saadi, a mother of four, was found guilty of a suicide attack where three people died (one pregnant woman was among the dead; she had just returned from an ultrasound appointment) and 80 were injured. Kahira was given three life sentences and another 80 years for the crime. When asked if she was sorry she said she was not sorry because she believed her people are at war.

  • Based on this week’s discussion of suicide terrorism, what is the justification for the use of women specifically (over men)?
  • Does the use of a female attacker differ from the use of a male? If so, how? If not, why or why not?

Female Suicide Bombers Discussion

Justification for Use of  Women As Suicide Bombers Over Men

There is increasing use of suicide bombers by terrorists, owing to its cheap cost, relative ease of dispatch and ability to create general fear among the population. However, there is an increasing tendency for the use of female suicide bombers, a trend that has increased over several past years. According to (O’Rourke, 2009) female suicide bombers have found increase use if suicide bombings owing to its strategic significance.

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Female suicide bombings are often lethal and effective, compared to male suicide bombings. Male suicide bombers often face many obstacles, while women more easily reach the targets. The traditional misconception that women are peaceful means their use provides a tactical advantage. Women have often been seen as weaker sex and their participation in war defies the traditional view of women as non-fighters. In addition, the use of women suicide bomber offers advantage because there is often hesitance to search woman, they create element of surprise and provide stealthier attacks. Women suicide bombers can create massive media coverage and general population panic owing to their ease of penetration into the targets.

Does Use of a female Suicide bombers differ from the use of a male?

The use of female suicide bombers does not differ from the male suicide bombers. Both male and female bombers undergo training to kill. The ultimate aim of the male and female bombers is to perform the suicide mission. The two groups of suicide bombers are often young and are trained on how to carry out the suicide bombings. Moreover, according to (Zedalis, 2004) the use of female and male suicide bombers employ the same operational attack; an attack dependent on the death of the perpetrator.

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