A SWOT Analysis for Samsung – Assignment And Sample Answer

Samsung SWOT Analysis Assignment Instructions

You will be using SWOT analysis to assess Samsung and its environment. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are external factors.


You are to complete the following portions of your strategic plan:

  • Create a SWOT analysis.
  • Define a strategic management plan, using SWOT analysis.
    • Identify the (internal) strengths of the Samsung organization structure.
    • Identify the (internal) weaknesses of the Samsung organization structure.
    • Identify the (external) opportunities.
    • Identify the (external) threats.
    • Match the internal and external environments to attain the organization goals.
  • Define a continuous improvement plan that indicates how you will do the following:
    • Measure outcomes
    • Identify service problems
    • Eliminate gaps in performance
  • Identify how your action plans are linked to the following:
    • Vision statement
    • Mission statement
    • Service strategy
  • Summarize your overall plan, indicating its current limitations and implications of your plan for the health care industry as a whole.

Keep your SWOT short and simple, and avoid complexity and over analysis. If it helps to organize your thoughts, use a SWOT table.

A SWOT Analysis for Samsung


            Electronic and mobile-devices market is already saturated and there is likelihood that sales of these product will not grow at a high rate as it has been in the past decades for short and mid-term future. The only available alternative that the company will increase the sales of its product is to alter the prices. In the last two years, electronic and mobile-devices companies have engaged in price wars as a means of increasing their sales(Porter, 1979). Another threat facing Samsung Company is the rapid change in technology. Constant technological change, innovation and creativity is the major threat Samsung is facing. In order to maintain it is position in the market and competitive advantage over its competitors, Samsung has invested a lot in research.

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            In terms market, Samsung has not explore all the markets available in the world. For example, India contributes about 18 % of the total world population and analysis indicated that the uptake of smartphone is not as expected as compared to other parts of the world. Also, considering that Samsung products are well known in India and the company has respected reputation for the quality of the products it produce(Brostoff, et al., 2015). This means the Samsung has the opportunity to explore this untapped market. Another opportunity that Samsung has over the rival competitors is the number of patent which make the company to remain more competitive. This also, allow the company to increase patent portfolio by acquiring new firms.

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            The major weakness that has impacted Samsung negatively is the lack of its own operating system for mobile like that of Apple. Since the introduction of smartphone, Samsung has relied on operating system from Google such as Android. It is important to note that Google is one of the Samsung’s direct competitors and can choose to increase the production cost of Samsung by increase the cost of the operating system(Porter, 1979). Another threat is that the company generate low profit margin since market saturation forces the company to produce high quality products at low production costs. Therefore, depends on high volume of sales to generate more revenues which risks if the fluctuate. This explains why Samsung actively engages in market campaign to increase market share.

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            Samsung’s major strength is innovation, which has enable the company to manufacture products that has low impacts in the environment. This has made Samsung to create a powerful image across the world characterized by innovation and ecofriendly(Porter, 1979). Another strength that make Samsung company competitive advantage is the ability to manufacture and produce products of shore. As a result, the company has been able to operate in a very low cost of goods sold and create the opportunity to maximize low prices as a strategy. In addition, Samsung is own supplier of materials and equipment used in manufacturing and producing products of shore, thus making it easier to cut its prices.

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