Systems Consideration in Human Resource Information Systems

HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) are essentially the HR software intersections of IT (information technology) and HR (human resources). The intersections allow for the electronic occurrence of HR processes as well as activities. HRIS help businesses execute various activities, including HR-related activities like payroll management and accounting. Besides, HRIS enables businesses plan, manage, as well as control, their HR expenditures effectively devoid of allocating excessive resources, or funds, towards them. Most HRIS are designed to flexibly integrate with various HR database systems according to Grobler (2006). My organization uses diverse HR database systems, including Workable and HR Quik.

Advantages and Downsides of Workable and HR Quik

Workable is a recruitment software that is rather useable and affordable. It takes the place of spreadsheets and email in recruitment processes, with a system for tracking applicants. It helps write job descriptions, build pages of branded careers and post manifold job boards. It allows the organization to browse profiles of prospective employees and helps recruitment teams keep their notes, analytics, schedules, communications, and notes in single places.

The main advantage of Workable is that it quickens recruitment processes, reducing the associated costs as well. The customer service team addressing the concerns of Workable clients is quite polite and polite in resolving the concerns and related inquires or questions. The only downside associated with Workable is that it is muddled with numerous applications, making its usage a challenge to many (Capterra, 2015).

HR Quik was developed by Data Ingenuity. It is a rather straightforward staff database system geared towards reducing HR costs through the saving of time as well as effective usage of data. It has varied advantages. First, it is versatile. It is loadable on diverse servers, hard drives, networks, or cloud-based platforms. Second, it helps organize staff data in ways that are easy to utilize. Third, it generates reports that are run easily. Fourth, it generates staff termination and hiring forms automatically. Besides, it allows for the saving of scanned staff records (Data Ingenuity, 2015).

I propose that the organization adopts and uses ClearCompany HRM Software system. The software system works for recruiting teams and HR management teams, especially in industrial settings. There various reasons motivating the proposal. First, the software system links hiring, new staff on-boarding and management of staff performance.

Second, the system is equipped with automated reporting capabilities. The capabilities support clients to comply especially with the extant labor laws regarding staffing processes. Third, the system’s on-boarding solution has the ability of automating new recruitment processes, with an option of integrating the related verification, management, and approval tasks according to Software Advice (2015).

Efficiencies and Inefficiencies Associated With SAAS Usage

Many organizations utilize SAAS for their HRIS requirements. SAAS affords organizations particular efficiencies especially regarding the delivery of documents. Organizations that have adopted the usage of SAAS enjoy cost efficiency since their expenses are moved to operational tasks from acquisition, as well as deployment tasks. Organizations that have adopted the usage of SAAS save on hardware-related expenses since its maintenance does not require specific software or hardware (Torres-Coronas & Arias-Oliva, 2009).

As well, SAAS assists in shortening cycles of transactions, enhancing productivity. Particularly, it enhances productivity by helping bolster process control, as well as visibility; lessening daily outstanding sale rates; and focusing resources on key client competences and services as opposed to merely supporting technological applications according to Grobler (2006).

The maintenance, as well as running, of MS Access-related database applications is characterized by diverse inefficiencies. The inefficiencies include challenges in internet connectivity, problems in handling sensitive data, scalability limitations, and size-related limitations. The applications are devoid of the server capabilities associated with databases that are ODBC-compliant. The handling of data that is sensitive requires marked investment in varied data security tools, which MS Access lacks. Besides, the applications have limitations in their physical capacities (Torres-Coronas & Arias-Oliva, 2009).

Threats Linked to Building an HRIS from Products from Several Vendors

When an organization builds its HRIS using different products supplied by different vendors, it faces several risks. First, the organization faces a heightened exposure to varied security threats. Second, the organization faces a heightened exposure to emerging, or evolving, legal challenges related to the products’ terms of use. Third, the organization may suffer an erosion of own network parameters. The parameters become increasingly vague, as well as challenging, to safeguard (Kandula, 2003).

Unexpected Effects of Managing HR Databases Improperly

Organizations that fail to manage their HR databases appropriately suffer various problems. First, the organizations have challenges in the development, as well as maintenance, of healthy contacts with their staff members. Second, the organizations have their operational costs rising over time according to Grobler (2006).

Third, the organizations face varied difficulties in their staff recruitment processes as they lack credible data or records for use in the processes. Organizations can steer clear of the three negative effects by making certain that they engage competent organizations in the choosing, implementation, as well as maintenance, of their HR databases. Besides, the organizations can steer clear of the effects by recruiting competent staff to manage the databases.

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