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  • Marketing Strategic Plan for an Electric Powered Adjustable Seat Wheelchair

    Introduction             Introducing new product in the market can be a challenging task. However, the development of a proper marketing strategy can help in building the success of product and ensuring that a sizeable market share and brand loyalty is attained (Chikweche & Fletcher, 2012). According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing is an […]

  • Marketing in For-profit and Not-for-profit Health Care Organizations – Matrix

    Assignment Instructions Create a matrix that contrasts the differences between marketing in for-profit and not-for-profit health care organizations.Include the following in your matrix: Centralized versus decentralized format of management Strategic goals of the organizations Variation in the access to the capital market Strategic marketing differences between these two types of organizations Quality attributes of the […]

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy for Coca Cola Company’s New Product

    The Coca Cola Company and the New Product Offering             The Coca Cola Company is one of the leading multinationals, with operations in more than 200 countries, producing over 500 brands to its customers. Founded in 1886 in Atlanta, U.S, Coca Cola has grown and expanded beyond the United States and its product portfolio includes […]

  • Strategic Marketing Process

    Strategic marketing process involves the planning, implementation and control of the products to meet the needs of consumers in the market place. Now days, marketers have struggled to come up with was of making their products to flow faster in the market place. In the competitive market, corporate and business have strategize to come up […]

  • Use of BCG Growth-Share Matrices and GE/McKinsey Nine Cell Matrices to build Strategic Plans and in Creation of Marketing Plans

    Assignment Instructions The life cycle of any product or service is key in the development of a marketing strategy. As corporate goals or consumer interests change, so will products or services. External to an organization will also be the impact of technological advancements and regulatory changes on product and service development and life cycle. Conduct […]

  • Marketing Orientation Approach And Product Orientation Approach

    Marketing Orientation Approach Marketing oriented approach is a strategy undertaken by companies encompassing all actions geared towards satisfying the satisfaction of clients. Basically, organizations focus their production activities towards attainment of customers’ welfare. A marketing oriented organization will generally be concerned with identifying all the factors that are essential in meeting customer demand and needs […]

  • Analysis of Apple Company Marketing Environment and Adopt Methods of Learning

    Introduction This research paper is meant to study and analyze Apple Company in consideration of marketing environment and adopt methods of learning. The company produces quality products using the approach of direct business and sell to the customers directly which gives the company a competitive advantage over its competitors. The company competitors include companies such […]

  • Sales and Marketing as a Novel Type of Management Information System

    Many technological pundits still hail the Information Age as the most significant leap ever made by humanity. For the first time since the Industrial Age, technological innovations were developed en masse by various developers with the primary aim of completely transforming the manner in which interactions occurred amongst people. Many nascent entrepreneurs also viewed this […]

  • Developing An E-Marketing Plan for a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise

    Assignment Instructions E-marketing strategy is the design of marketing strategy that capitalises on the organisations electronic or information technology capabilities to reach specified objectives. In essence, e-marketing strategy is where technology strategy and marketing strategy wed.” Your task for this assessment is to put some of the training from this course into action. Your marketing […]

  • Communication Modality Used For Marketing Healthcare

    There are a variety of communication modalities available to health care consumers and health care providers. These modalities and venues of communication may entail benefits and challenges to both consumers and providers. Select one communication modality used for marketing in health care. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper about a communication modality used in health care. Include […]