Technological Change and Unemployment

Technological changes have played a great part in causing unemployment among some career groups and employment among others. Among the sectors where technology development has created unemployment include telephone industry where those serving in fixed cable system being faced out by the introduction of mobile phones. The development of technologies such as GMO food that is resistance to pesticides has also affected jobs in pesticides companies. The number of office assistances and secretaries has been reduced by advancement in IT technology that includes easy way of taking notes that include recording among others. The expansion of e-banking and other banking technologies are also threatening the jobs of bankers especially cashiers in the industry (Reich, 2012).

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However, despite of this, the advancement of technology has also created jobs especially in IT field where more and more programmers are needed to develop different application programs and system to serve different companies and population. More system, database, security, and network administrators are required in different companies. Individuals specializing with artificial intelligence are also highly needed to automate robots. The GMO technology has also created more jobs in seeds processing industry and also in other companies that deal with food products processing due to increase in harvest.

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The net impact of technological changes on employment and GDP in the United States can be measured by monitoring the changes in the rate of employment and the country’s GDP since the time the technology changes started taking place to date. The starting years can be regarded as mid 1990s where most companies adopted computers and other IT related technologies for their operation resulting to high rate of retrenchment and increase in the rate of production and net profit of most companies.

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