Titles Associated With The King In Ancient Israel Based On 2 Samuel 7

Based on 2 Samuel 7 briefly describe the titles associated with the king in ancient Israel as well as the relationship between the king and God. What are some implications for Israelite society?

The various titles of the kings include ruler of the people, a servant to God and a leader of the people. The titles were related to their position towards God and the people.  To God he was his servant while to the people he was their ruler and leader together with being their king. The relationship between the king and God was that of a servant and a Master respectively. A theocratic government resulted where the king was to lead the people under God’s guidance. God was the one who guided the king on what to do especially through the prophet. The king was therefore to obey Gods commands in the Torah together with the instructions that God gave the king through the prophets (joseph, 2012). Kings were to lead the people in the ways of God and to ensure that they did not serve other gods. If the king obeyed the commands and led the people to follow God’s way then all would be well but if he did evil and disobeyed and rebelled against God thus leading the people astray, all the nation would be punished. As such, the various implications of such a king would mean that the nation would have to ensure that it followed the path and ways of God or it would face the wrath of God if it rebelled or engaged in evil practices forbidden by God in the commandments.  All the Israelites through their king were to serve their God and to ensure that no foreign gods were brought into their camp, as this would draw judgment upon them. As a res result kings were responsible to God on how led the people and any wrongdoings on their part received judgment. Kings were thus to obey God and understand their role as leaders who were to lead people towards God.

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