USA Patriotic Act Analysis

USA Patriotic Act

The law to be considered in this case is the USA Patriotic Act which was enacted in 26th of October 2001.USA Patriotic Act is a congress act which was developed to correct the five failures or weakness perceived after the 9/11 attack in the US. The law was enacted to strengthen and unit America by offering suitable tools needed to obstruct and intercept acts of terrorism like the one that took place in 2001. The law was signed by President Bush a few months after the twin tower terrorism act in America (Panetta, 2001).

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The Law Amendments

The law has undergone two major amendments. The first amendment took place of 2006 where The USA Patriot Act was added Reauthorizing Amendment Acts. The act focused on modifying and extending authority required to fight terrorism. This was followed by 2011 amendment where Patriot Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 was signed with intention of extending the three key USA Patriot Act provisions. The law was created with expiring section, however, the amendments has always been used to extend these provisions (Congress.Gov, 2012).

Law Intention during Creation

The USA Patriot Act was created after America experienced the most severe terror attack in its own soil. The country realized the urge to fight terrorism and to ensure such act does not happen ever again in the country’s soil. In this regard, the congress designed a bill which would help the country to tighten its measures on fighting terrorism in the country. The bill focused more on eliminating the loopholes that resulted to a successful terror attack in the country. Five major loopholes were identified and counter measures employed. The law amendment was not based on changing the first law but extending the provisions for the most important aspects of the first act. The amendments are basically done to extend the measured to fit the current techniques employed by the act to fight terrorism (Panetta, 2001).

Main Topic Covered in the USA Patriotic Act

The law major topic was the country’s internal security. The law focused on controlling all aspects related to internal security. The law focused on addressing all departments that in one way or another influences the country’s internal security that include migration, communication and the intelligence departments of the country. The law addresses five major topics. They include how to enhance information sharing between foreign intelligence agencies and law enforcement, to collect antiterrorism intellect by manipulation the flexible foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) warrants, to extend wiretap authority against electronic communications, to seize money used in funding terrorist activities and to enact mandatory deportation and detention of non-U.S. citizens who are alleged to have a connection with terrorist organization (Panetta, 2001).

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The Key USA Patriotic Act Provisions

The law main provisions contained the Wiretap Act amendment that prohibited government eavesdropping on private electronic communications, telephone, and face-to-face except as warranted by court order in scarcely defined circumstances in serious crimes cases. The USA Patriot Act section 202 and 201 included terrorist crimes and computer in the list of serious crimes in link with the law enforcement officials could look for a court order to perform eavesdropping. The section 209 found that voice mail was not provided similar protections which governed conversations over the telephone though only to the weaker protections applicable to e-mail and telephone records stored with third parties. The act in section 210 added personal bank account numbers or credit card subscribers to records which could be acquired from a communication services offered via a subpoena (Duignan, 2001).

Interest Served

The law was basically made to safeguard the security of American people against terrorist attracts and attempts in their own country. Its main aim is to ensure that every citizen is secure and lives without being anxious about their life or the safety of their properties. The law ensures that no terrorist plots are done against America in and outside the country. It also ensures that no one gets into the country with intention of plotting an attack or carrying. The communication eavesdrops ensures no one inside the America communicate with terrorist or other individuals suspected to be terrorist to enhance an attack either inside or outside the country. It also plans to detect or kinds of financial transactions that would be linked with terrorism to support their act in the country. Therefore, the law is basically employed to safeguard the safety of American people located at any part of the country.


By preventing terrorist acts, the law protects our city from any kind of destructions.  It ensures that the government, citizen and investors properties are secured and there will be no time that the city will require handling terrorist related crisis. In this regard, the city mayor should consider promoting the law in the region. The law basically involves major interference with people’s privacy by encouraging search and seizures when the security intelligence

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