Use People Analytics Technology in Hospitals to Improve their Workforce

Most hospitals still lag when it comes to employee satisfaction. Notably, rather than sticking with the conventional human resource management approaches that hospitals insist on using, they should leverage innovative models used outside the health care sector. One such innovative approach for improving the workforce is People Analytics. Organizations operating in the technology industry use People Analytics to enhance their workforce. Similarly, hospitals can utilize People Analytics technology to improve their workforce.

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People Analytics refers to an analytical approach that leverages technology to help managers make informed decisions about their workforce. The analytical model utilizes statistics and technology to large sets of talent data, consequently informing organizations regarding how best to drive the return on their investment in the workforce (Nasril, Indiyati, & Ramantoko, 2021). According to Shrivastava, Nagdev, and Rajesh (2018), given the unique needs of modern employees, the traditional approaches of gut feel are no longer sufficient. By using the People Analytics technology hospitals can make relatively better, more informed, and more strategic talent decisions. The technology helps organizations find better job candidates, make smarter hiring decisions, and improve employee retention rate and performance (Nasril, Indiyati, & Ramantoko, 2021). Thus, it provides a holistic solution for improving the workforce.

Additionally, People Analytics technology has addressed the problems facing most feedback tools. DiClaudio (2019) elucidates that the problem with most feedback tools is that they do not provide a way for the users to verify the validity of the answers. Employees are most likely to answer the survey questions positively to allude that everything is fine since they fear the feedback might be used against them. According to Shrivastava, Nagdev, and Rajesh (2018), People Analytics’ surveys is not about just evaluating the pulse of the workplace; its surveys constantly strive to improve the workplace and the workforce. People Analytics allows organizations to continuously and passively collect data that can help management optimize different aspects of its workforce and align them with organizational culture to achieve desired outcomes (Nasril, Indiyati, & Ramantoko, 2021). Therefore, People Analytics can prove significantly resourceful to hospitals that find it challenging to collect useful data due to their flawed data collection methods.

Moreover, People Analytics allows organizations to ensure that every decision they make concerning talent management is data-driven. The nature of human resource management dictates that it emphasize interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Notably, this can prove challenging, especially when it comes to making assessments based on input and output metrics alone Shrivastava, Nagdev, and Rajesh (2018). Shrivastava, Nagdev, and Rajesh explain that whereas productivity metrics are significantly important to evaluate effectiveness, they do not tell the entire story. To address this shortcoming, organizations can utilize People Analytics to integrate the human aspects. People Analytics combine qualitative and quantitative data to allow leaders to dig deep into the workforce’s dynamics. Consequently, this allows a company to come up with tailor-made solutions for different employees based on their unique needs (DiClaudio, 2019). Such an approach can significantly benefit hospitals.

In conclusion, hospitals should embrace the paradigm shift from conventional human resource management approaches to modern and improved ones by leveraging technology. Using People Analytics can help hospitals improve their workforce. The technology can help hospitals make relatively better, more informed, and more strategic talent decisions.

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