Your View On Donald Trump Presidential Race

Donald Trump still dominates the primary race of the Republican party. According to the news from the Vox media, Donald Trump is likely to win a majority of delegates. This will make Trump clinch the nomination. The current trends indicate that Trump may take the GOP primary race if nothing is going to change. The projection of the Vox Media foresees Trump as a winner with 1279 delegates. The news from the New York Times also suggests that if the voting pattern that was observed on the Super Tuesday continues, then Trump will hit the delegate target. Donald Trump emerged as a winner in the recent voting that was conducted in South Carolina.  He got 32.5 percent of the votes while his close competitor Rubio got 22.48 percent. In the South Carolina votes, Trump outpaced all his rivals showing that he greatly dominates the Republican party (Karol 25). After that victory, Donald Trump commented that he would never forget South Carolina.

The New York Times further highlights that leaders from the Republican party are mapping a strategy of derailing Donald Trump.  These leaders oppose the candidacy of Donald Trump. They have therefore prepared a campaign of 100 days to derail Trump. This campaign is aiming at denying Trump a presidential nomination. The anti-Trump forces have pointed out that there should be no errors or delays in their plan. The forces warn that Donald Trump may become unstoppable if they don’t execute their plan of attack in a flawless manner. The leading conservatives of the Republican are prepared in fielding an independent candidate if the effort of stopping Trump falter. The aim of fielding an independent candidate in the general election is to defend the principles of Republican as well as giving hope to the traditional conservatives of the Republican. Trump’s recent victory over various states has indicated that he is a threat in the Republican, and, therefore, its leaders must plan quickly to derail him.

Donald Trump is known all over the United States with his campaigning slogan “Make America Great Again”. He has given his perception on several issues surrounding America. He has also outlined how to end several problems facing the United States if given a chance to become the US president. Some of the key elements of Trump’s platform include a stronger military, the border wall, defeating ISIS and winning at the trade (Trump and McIver 17). Whenever Trump gives a speech, he always mentions these key elements of his platform. This makes him to be liked by many people of various states. It is hard to remember how Trump’s success is improbable because it has become familiar in the United States. He seems to be unstoppable.

The recent CNN politics news highlighted that Donald Trump is damaging the relations between Mexico and the United States. The Mexican president pointed out that Trump always speaks badly of Mexico.  This condemnation of the Mexican president come as a result of Trump’s pledge of building a “massive wall” across the southern border of the United States. The purpose of the wall is to keep out the Mexican immigrants who are not documented. Trump keeps on insisting that   Mexico will have to pay for it (Trump and Zanker 36). Trump always talks about the Mexican immigrants during his rallies and he keeps on complaining that the Mexicans have taken away the American’s jobs and money.

The CNN politics news that was recently aired also portrayed how several protesters blocked traffic near the event of Donald Trump in Arizona. The protesters blocked the traffic while they marched in New York City with the aim of protesting the GOP front-runner. During this time, Trump was holding a rally in Fountain Hills. The protesters held up posters during the exercise. The posters had slogans that were written “Dump Trump”. This indicates that there are some people who are not happy with Trump. Therefore, Trump should be aware that his presidential race is not easy.

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